You Should Use WordPress, It’s Free & Easy to Use!

I have been working with WordPress now for a month or so, and I wanted to share my experience with you. My first interest in web pages started around about 2001 and in time I came to author my own site, while learning and utilising HTML code. Although my site was basic, it was great learning something new. On returning to my personal web space, at a later date, I decided I wanted to jazz things up little, so I set out to learn Javascript, after getting really bogged down, I gave it up, and had the same experience with CSS, at a later date.

A year ago I set up my first blog, I literally turned it on and set about writing my views down. Going back a month in time I wanted to create a site with a more professional look and WordPress has made that possible.

So, what is WordPress?

It is an open source, Content Management System, powered by PHP and MySQL. First released as version 0.70 on the 27th May 2003. In layman’s terms it’s a free software package created by a community and shared worldwide. Serving the purpose of building web sites in a much easier way than if you were to start from scratch, while having to learn a group of programming/ coding languages. The best part is there are lots of choices. I opted to buy a professional theme, with even more options.

Some Key Features:

• Easy page creation and organisation with a click of a button. Removing the need to understand FTP, directory structure etc.

• Easy to add content in the form of pictures and video. Removing the need to understand coding.

• 1,200+ free Themes, all with different layouts and colours.

• 100+ Widgets, providing a simple way to arrange sidebar elements.

• 11,000+ Plug-ins to extend the functionality of WordPress.

• An awarding winning package, installed 13.8 million times worldwide.

• There is a great amount of information at

I have found WordPress very easy to work with and I have been able to create a website in a month, working hours probably total half that time, which is an absolute fraction of time it would take me to do it any other way.

I cannot recommend this system more highly, it has enable me to create a web site with the least amount of frustration and time. A big thank you to community and all its contributors, I’m sure they have made life a lot easier for a lot of people, me included.