WordPress – Is It Really Popular?

WordPress – Is It Really Popular?

WordPress is a very popular open source customization software which helps in building various basic websites. It is easy to use blogging application. It is also a very widely used content management system.

WordPress has rich features like a rich plugin architecture, a unique template system and a user-friendly workflow. WP templates come with widgets which allows anyone to customize their web pages without editing either the PHP or HTML code.

WordPress comes with various themes which can be customized accordingly. These themes are simple and at the same time well-designed. Just by installing a theme a blog can be converted into a fully functional running website. A perfect skin must be there which must be worn on the top of the theme and the skin must be designed as per the theme. It also has a link management system.

WordPress is free and easy to download. Moreover users can constantly change the look of the website with constant WP customization. Customization is a process through which one can refurbish and add importance to their website thus increasing traffic to their websites and causing profit to their business.

WordPress is built on server-side scripting language like PHP using MySQL database. The need to customize your website is required to give the site a fresh professional look. Anyone can utilize the WordPress customization features to make your blog complete brand centric.

Apart from increasing the visual and graphical effect to a great deal, WordPress themes will allow to customize your contents to a great deal to make it SEO friendly. Another way of customization is the PSD to WP customization. WordPress customization is easy because it is pre-equipped with the necessary tools to make the customization easy. The best thing about WP customization is that you do not need the help of any professional to incorporate these simple features on your website’s web pages. Moreover it will increase the functionality and visibility of your website to a great extend.

One of the most popular WordPress customization techniques is using Random Headers. These are used to change the images of your banners. Visitors will be happy to see brand new images after every refresh.

WordPress customization is mainly done to integrate into your website those features that can attract a huge number of customers. Even if your content is good but your web page looks boring you cannot expect visitors to come to your site. The design of your web page reflects your company’s identity and personality.

Undoubtedly, WordPress has emerged as the most popular blogging tool, used by millions and millions of websites. Moreover it is mobile compatible and also social media-friendly that is a WordPress site can be publicized by connecting to different social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.