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Try Blogging and Making Money Online – The Risk is Very Small

Try Blogging and Making Money Online – The Risk is Very Small

It’s now easier than ever to have your own blog. You don’t need to be very technically savvy or even know how to write code. So if you’re on the fence about whether to start blogging or not, I suggest you get off and get started creating your own blog. Once you get your blog up and running, you can easily start making money online. It’s just a matter of heart and motivation, really. The persistent ones are the successful ones.

To make a blog you will simply need:

A domain name (~$10)

Hosting (~$10 a month)

WordPress (Free) (There are other blogging platforms too, but I highly recommend WordPress! It’s really the standard.)

A WordPress Theme (There are tons of free themes available for download online, or you can pay for Premium Themes.)

If you want to blog with the purpose of making money online then it’s best to think of your blog as a business. If you could start your business for about $20, that’s a really easy decision to make.A� The initial investment for internet marketing with blogs is incredibly small.A� Since the investment is so small we are not at a big risk when we fail. And we usually all fail at least a few times. Blogging’s small initial investment also allows people to create lots of different sites without putting all their eggs in one basket. I learned more about making money online from my failures than anything else. I lost money along the way but it’s paid off in the end.

Give blogging a try. Just imagine where you’d be if you were making money online and not at some crappy job spending your days. It’s a great opportunity and anyone can really do it if they have the motivation.…

PSD to WordPress Conversion for Highly Customized Content Managed Blog Portal

PSD to WordPress Conversion for Highly Customized Content Managed Blog Portal

The meaningful, 100% original and good content is the ultimate king that drives the online portal in the highly competitive World Wide Web. In fact, a website without content cannot even survive in the kingdom of online market despite of visually appealing design. Managing a dynamic content based web portal is not an easy task and nobody can deny this fact. However, PSD to WordPress conversion is consider the most reliable solution to build a highly customized content managed blog based online portal.

WordPress – an open source blog publishing application and Content Management System (CMS) highly popular for monitoring as well as managing content of a web portal through built-in page editor feature. The best part about this type of powerful CMS is content scheduling through which a person can create meaning and 100% original content in advance and schedule its posting as per his priorities by using content scheduling feature.

With the help of this state-of-published CMS, an individual can create simple blog to complex one. Thanks to cross-browser bookmarklets which have ease down the blog publishing up to great extent. Apart from that, by user-friendly WordPress powered web portal, an individual can easily monitor the multi functional dashboard and hereby, manage all the regular updates appears or posted on his custom managed blog portal.

Now-a-days, web developer advise for PSD to WordPress theme/ template conversion for easy management of a website. People are opting for this type of conversion service for the sake of CMS development and configuration, theme/ template implementation and customization, custom modules development and so on.

By converting PSD to WordPress theme/template, a person get highly customized content managed blog portal incorporates with all the above discussed features and functionalities. Majority of owners of managed blog portals prefer PSD to WordPress conversion to create highly visually appealing website.…

Make a Mobile App From a WordPress Site

Make a Mobile App From a WordPress Site

Do you want to increase the rate of visitors for your WordPress website along with increasing its brand name?

One of the best ways to do this is to convert your site into an app which can be placed in reputed app stores like Apple’s App Store and Google Play etc. It will help your WordPress website to increase its brand name and the visitors will be able to view your site in various app compatible devices like iPhones, mobiles, smart phones, and iPods etc. To serve this purpose, WordPress provides their customers with many excellent plugins which can be used to make excellent app from your existing WordPress site. This article will briefly describe a few such excellent plugins provided by WordPress.

One of the best tools to convert your WordPress site to native iPhone app is the WiziApp plugin. With this tool, you can design your own app by providing suitable brand name, own tab menu etc. It is very easy to use and you can easily customize the settings for your iPhone app. It will enable you to reach to millions of iPhone users via the app. Moreover, this plugin is featured with many excellent features like push notification service, easy comment posting facility for your visitors, media player facility and many others.

UppSite is another plugin that will help you to build an excellent app of your WordPress website that will be fully compatible with any Android smart phone, iPhone and windows Phone 7. It is also featured with the Push notification service and easy commenting service. It supports many operating systems like android, iOS etc. It will enable your site visitors to share your site easily via Facebook, email as well as Twitter. There are many other excellent features in this app.

There is another excellent tool called Native Apps builder Plugin which can used to make an excellent app for your WordPress site. The app built by this plugin will be compatible with any Android smart phone, iPad and iPhone. You can easily place this app in any reputed app store which will also definitely help you to increase your brand name as well as increasing your audiences.

With these plugins your site can reach to millions of users around the globe. As the rate of iPhone, iPad and Android phones users are increasing; it is becoming an urgent need for your WordPress site to convert it to a suitable app.

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Why Are People Adding Disqus Comment System to WordPress Blogs?

Why Are People Adding Disqus Comment System to WordPress Blogs?

Disqus pronounced Discuss is changing the way comment systems work. It allows for more socialization with your comments and traffic. As a blog owner you have a central location for all comments your blog receives. If you have decided to switch your WordPress comment system to Disqus, the set up requires a bit of work.

Where do I set up Disqus?

Visit You will need to register your site. You will be given a short name which you can edit but is unique to your blog. Now, since you probably want to manage your comments you will need to create your profile.

What are settings?

You can set up optional features for the way people can log in to comment on your blog. Media Attachment is automatically checked. Options are Facebook, OpenID, Twitter and Yahoo. These options also allow your commentators to display their comment on those sites. This allows for greater traffic. Checking the Akismet link will reduce spam. Reactions will add links to people recommending your post on Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg and many other sites. You can change these options later so do not worry.

How do I install Disqus on my WordPress blog?

Login to your WordPress. Scroll down to Plugins. Choose Add New and then type Disqus in your search. You want the Disqus Comment System. Click Install, again in the pop up and activate. You will see a must configure warning at the top of the page. Click the link. Use your Disqus login and then choose your short name you registered at Disqus. Now you have it installed.

What happens to my current comments?

After installation it will take you to the Disqus comment page within your blog. This is the manage page, while is shows, you must manage at Disqus. This is a fault in Disqus, but it is still worth using. Click Advanced Options. You should have some long code in your API. Scroll down and export comments. This will sync your current comments with Disqus.

Where do I manage my new comments?

Choose overview from the link on the box on the right where your avatar image is. Next click comments. If you have more than one blog you will want to go to the right again and a little lower you will see “All Sites” choose which site on which you want to work. Here you can moderate comments, approve, delete etc. You could moderate all sites at once, but I prefer to know which comments are to which blog.

What about the Settings?

Now choose the Settings tab in the left. If there is more than one blogger you will want to add them to the Moderator list. Next click to customization sub tab to change the appearance and layout. The general sub-tab will let you change the settings you used during the blog set up. Tools allows you to create a widget.

How is this easier?

Once you …

The Perks of Taking Web Design or IT Courses

The Perks of Taking Web Design or IT Courses

IT or web design students already enjoy great employment opportunities, streamline telecommunications network on a scale ideal for their studies, and the privilege of choosing from a wide range of schools and programs due to the increasing demand for anything IT in the marketplace.

Employment Opportunities and Internships

Your IT or web design courses can be easily supplemented by finding practical work experience with one of the countless businesses and web design firms scattered in and around your area. Not only will you be able to network in your industry with leaders of your field, but many major Canadian brands maintain a domestic presence, meaning their head offices or main production houses are somewhere between the Yukon and Newfoundland. The domestic nature of Canadian businesses gives you a fantastic chance to boost your resume with an internship with a well-known corporation. You’ll also find numerous chances to network, whether you intend to start your own business after your studies or work for someone else, as the volume of companies mean regular events, educational workshops and conventions.

Fast, Cheap Internet

Another hidden benefit to picking web design or IT courses is the relative cheapness of high-speed internet. Not only do most modern IT students supplement their studies with extensive time online reading about insider programing tricks and trend in their field, but students of all kinds are increasingly relying on distance education, to turn in their class work and study at their own pace by reviewing lecture recordings and material. The population of the city is such that major internet providers compete with many smaller, monopoly breaking companies to drive the price down, and provide access to the best quality services. It is considerably more optimal if you decide to do your web design courses and try to do your practice assignments on the best connection than try to run web animations on the slow dial up still common to rural parts of Canada.

More School Options, Better Living

Whether you prefer life in a small rural area or would rather hustle in the big city, your study options will be endless. The benefit of studying in an increasingly growing field is that options are plentiful throughout. Go ahead and test this out for yourself: do a quick online search for “IT courses in Canada” and you’ll find a never-ending river of search results, all of which touch on various regions within our vast country.

In sum, IT courses and web design courses offer an increasing level of employment opportunities, streamlined resources and networking, and study and living options.

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WordPress Blogging Tip – One of the Best Ways to Make Money With Your WordPress Blog

WordPress Blogging Tip – One of the Best Ways to Make Money With Your WordPress Blog

What is the best way to monetize my WordPress blog? The answer is simple but not many people think of it.

The answer is by not selling! How can I make money without selling? An excellent question and here’s how:

Refer people. Blog about what you want people to buy. Answer their questions and speak to their pain. But only talk about the product and what it does – do not mention it yet.

Remember – blog about it. A good way to do that is to ask a question and then answer it. If you are selling a gardening book, think of questions (or better yet ask your community what their question is), write the question in the post and then answer it. You can ask and answer several questions in one post.

Speak to their pain – tell them you know how they a story about what you did that didn’t work – build your relationship through your story. Your readers will know that you are a real person who does make mistakes and they will identify with you. This is part of getting your readers to know, like and trust you.

At the end of your post, give a call to action. Remember – only one call to action per post and make it quite specific. Put your product on its own sales page (a page within your WordPress blog) and send your readers to the page. A sales page should give your readers one choice to make – buy or leave. If you try to sell in your post, there is too much distraction. Your readers can scroll to other posts, become involved with everything in the sidebar, and forget about your product. So send them to a page where there is one choice to make.

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Is a Commercial CMS Like Joomla Right For You?

Is a Commercial CMS Like Joomla Right For You?

The arguments for using content management systems to develop websites are well documented and generally fairly convincing.A� There are so many advantages in using a CMS over a static website that very few people develop static sites any longer.A� Those that do are usually professionals well versed in server technologies, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, although there are a few amateurs creating basic websites with editors such as Expression Web, Dreamweaver and the open source Komposer.

There are many open source content management systems available to the consumer and to the developer alike.A� One of the most popular to emerge in recent years has been Joomla; this platform is used both by individuals to quickly construct personal or small business websites that have sophisticated interactivity and look great, and professionals using the platform to build winning sites for their clients.A� Joomla is by no means the only open source CMS available; many people swear by Drupal as a development tool, while others prefer CMS Made Simple for its superb usability and excellent search engine friendliness.A� And although developed originally as a blogging platform, WordPress is a fully functional content management system in its own right and is one of the easiest to build and edit — even for the complete novice.

Whether you decide to use a CMS like Joomla must depend upon your own individual requirements and the purpose to which you will put the site when it is live.A� Popular CMS have not only huge support communities, but a seemingly endless array of plug-ins and components which extend the functionality enormously.A� There are many examples of this, but one of the most popular is probably the shopping cart.A� What is incredible is that all of this technology is available for no cost to the individual who is prepared to roll their sleeves up and have a go themselves.A� Even as recently as five or six years ago developers would be charging many thousands of dollars for sophisticated e-commerce systems; nowadays, any Tom Dick or Harry can have one for free.

It would be sensible, of course, to exercise caution when deciding to develop something as important as an e-commerce website.A� There are many complexities, some of them extremely important like tax bands and shipping charges which would put the task out of the reach of most people, but there are those who are prepared to rise to the challenge and who complete perfectly usable and fully functional e-commerce sites without any prior knowledge or experience.

Whichever route you decide to choose you will find numerous forums and support groups available to help you should you hit trouble along the way.A� Owning and maintaining a website or blog can be extremely satisfying; Joomla and other CMS make it possible for anyone, whatever their experience to become their own Webmaster.

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Setting Up Your WordPress Blog Like A Blogging Pro

Setting Up Your WordPress Blog Like A Blogging Pro

I want to talk to you about setting up your blog, but first I want to tell you why. Over the Holidays I went several places and on 5 different occasions had different people who I did not know tell me the same thing. I believe in fate so I will obey. I went to Walmart, Bob Evans, The Mall and rode around with my friend who came home for Christmas, who has been living in North Carolina for the past 18 years. We visited some of his childhood friends parents. From going to these places people kept telling me “if you help people get what they want, you will get what you want. You have a gift so share it”. This floored me and it is the reason for this post.

Setting Up Your WordPress Blog Like A Blogging Pro

Sharing Time:

I have a lot of WordPress blog sites that I have wonderful success on and so I thought this insider information would be useful to those of you starting a blog as well as those who have had a blog for some time and just not getting the results you desire. I’m going to let you in on some of the “secrets” of what actually works for me, techniques and strategies together with plugins I know contribute to my blogs success.

WordPress is TOP DOG for SEO purposes and if you set it up right it will reward you.

Make sure that you at least do the following on your blog:

1) Always delete the “hello world” post and comment.

2) Delete the standard links and change your blogroll’s name to general, create a new link category and name it your main keyword phrase.

3) Create at least 10 links to authority blogs in your niche and place them in the new link category.

4) Install and configure the following plugins on your blog:

* Google XML Site Maps

* Platinum SEO Pack – if you use a premium theme that has built in SEO this may not be needed.

* Stealth Traffic Systems

* SEO Presser

* Use Google Libraries

* Sexy Bookmarks

* WP Super Cache

* Simple Tags

* Exec-PHP

* All In One AdSense

* ServerBuddy

* WordPress Duplicate Content Cure

* Ping Optimizer

* Insights

* Popup Domination

* OIO Publisher

5) File (Note: This is REALLY CRITICAL!) Copy to notepad save and upload to your domain.

* User-agent: *

Allow: /

Disallow: /cgi-bin

Disallow: /wp-admin

Disallow: /wp-includes

Disallow: /wp-content

Disallow: /manager

Disallow: /article

Disallow: /files

Disallow: /installWordPress

Disallow: /admin

Disallow: /downloads

Disallow: /

Disallow: /anything else you want to hide

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

Allow: /

User-agent: Adsbot-Google

Allow: /

User-agent: Googlebot-Image

Disallow: /wp-content

User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile

Allow: /

Sitemap: <A HREF=””;/A

6) “Connect” your blog to a full set of Web 2.0 accounts through or

7) Make the front page sticky with a properly optimized “fixed” page.

8.) Create 10 Unique (100%) article …

Benefits of WordPress Website Development

Benefits of WordPress Website Development

Among all the web development platforms available today, WordPress Website Development is among the fastest and simplest tools to create an operational website within a matter of minutes. All one needs to do is install WordPress that is in reality a free blogging platform and start customizing its look to suit your requirements. If exploited in the right form, it plays a crucial role in your internet marketing effectiveness and your overall business growth.

It has been proven time and again that sites made on the WordPress platform are interesting and effective marketing tools. It is typically a free pre-designed website which enables businesses of all sizes to mark their presence on the web by allowing them to showcase their range of products and services through content, images and other elements.

Here are some prevailing benefits of opting for a WordPress Website Development exercise:

1. WordPress is known for its flexibility in design which enables developers to create a website using their superior content management tools. Not only is it an open source platform but it is easy and quick to install, upgrades on its own and even offers an array of plug-ins for effective database management. Additionally, it has a number of pre-designed themes for you to choose from in case you are not hiring a professional designer to create the website for yourself.

2. This platform extremely easy to install and can be done in a matter of minutes by simply following the instructions the help you acquire a link through which you can go ahead can install the application for your website. All you need to do is provide them with some general information to be able to complete the process.

3. Taking up a WordPress Website Development project means that you have saved yourself hours worth of content management jobs. This platform makes it a lot simpler for administrators to manage and update website content. And the best part is that one does not need any high-end technical knowledge to execute and content strategy on this platform. Not only are you saving hours but also a lot of money. This is all because of the simplicity and user-friendliness of this platform.

4. When we talk about plugins, we are typically talking about computer software programs that help you enhance your website and user experience. You can incorporate a number of plugins such as RSS feeds, newsletters and Google analytic to enhance your website’s performance and visitor experience.

5. A major benefit of the WordPress tool is that is extremely friendly to search engine optimization strategies. It benefits businesses by helping it earn good rankings on all major search engines in addition to the capabilities of developers adding additional plugins. Simply being on WordPress can help drive more visitors to your website.

In addition to this, WordPress website development opens doors to an array of innovative internet marketing tools and options by allowing developers to incorporate third-party applications and plugins. This allows …

Web Design Services – The First Step to Reach the Success in Doing Online Business

Web Design Services – The First Step to Reach the Success in Doing Online Business

At least, you should have one website running as the first point of interaction between the business you run as well as the customers. If hiring qualified person is your option, then go check out many companies out there who present web design services. When created properly, your website will amaze your customers as well as make them feel okay.

Hire Creative and Technically Sound Staff!

Most companies providing web design services commonly have their own group of personnel consisting of creative hands and technical whiz kids as well as the other staff who will carry the responsibility of creating the best website possible. They have to work together to create attractive websites featuring technical ability. Such websites prevent users from feeling regretful for spending time viewing the contents of the website.

In order to create the website easy to use as well as technically superior, it is very common for a company offering web design services to offer a minimum level of service to the customer as well as also take care that certain features are included within. As a note, the web design services company should not overload the website with too much banner advertising as well as other kinds of advertisements.

These will interfere with the visitor’s ability to navigate the website in a smooth and efficient manner. The web design services company should also build the website in such a manner that at any given point of time, a visitor can know exactly where they are as well as easily link to the home page whenever needed. The better web design services companies will also limit how much audio as well as video content is featured on the website, so that the visitors’ awareness is not overly distracted with the audio or video clips playing in the background.

By ensuring that the company offering web design services [] you choose adheres to the above guidelines, it will be possible for you to collect a properly as well as well designed website. Go reach the triumph of your online business right there in your hand.

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