Types of vans available for rental

Van rental is a popular option for those who need to transport a large number of people or cargo. Vans are larger and more spacious than other types of cars, making them ideal for business trips and vacations. With the help of our van rentals in Denver CO, you can travel with your family and friends, take care of large deliveries, or even host parties in style. We have different types of vans available for rent so that you can choose the best fit for your needs:

Minivan Rental

If you’re looking for a van rental that is perfect for traveling with your family and friends, then a minivan rental may be the best option. Minivans are ideal vehicles for transporting large groups of people, as they offer more space than other types of rental cars. Most minivans have side doors on both sides and some even have rear sliding doors so passengers can enter and exit easily without needing to climb over seats or crawl through windows.

Minivans are available in many sizes and options, ranging from compact models with three rows of seating up to fullsize vans with seven rows!

Diesel Van Rental

Diesel vans are more fuel efficient and powerful than their gasoline counterparts. They also have a longer range, which means you can go farther without having to stop for gas. However, the cost of renting one will be higher than renting a regular van or SUV–but if you need something with extra power and range, it might be worth it!

Cargo Van Rental

A cargo van is a large vehicle with a high roof and a rear door that can be used to transport goods. Cargo vans are ideal for businesses that need to carry large shipments of materials or equipment. They’re also great for families who want to move their belongings in one trip, or even just use them as an extra car when they go on vacation. Cargo vans come in many different sizes, so you can rent one that’s perfect for your needs–whether it’s just enough space for your luggage or something more substantial like furniture!

Rental companies offer a variety of features with their cargo van rentals including: GPS tracking systems; backup cameras; Bluetooth speakers; Wi-Fi hotspots (for business users), etc., depending on what kind of extras you’d like included with your rental agreement

8-12 passenger van rental

If you have a large group of people and need to travel together, an 8-12 passenger van rental is the best choice for you. You can easily fit everyone inside and still have room for luggage. This is also a great option if you’re traveling with children or pets!

If you want to take your family on vacation but don’t want to spend money on multiple hotel rooms, then renting an 8-12 passenger van could be ideal. With so much space inside these vans, everyone will be able to spread out comfortably and relax during the trip without feeling cramped or uncomfortable at