Two Reasons Why Your Web Design Can Hurt Your Conversions

When building your website and your SEO marketing strategies, always remember that your web design can also maximize your popularity with the search engines.
As Internet and Affiliate Marketers, sometimes we get caught up in planning our SEO activities and forget to pay close attention to our web site design. By taking the time to thoroughly plan out a professional design, we can not only help our rankings but also our conversion ratios as well.
1. Your website design will impact how long your visitors stay on your website.
The time a visitor spends on your site is critical, because the longer a visitor stays, the more likely they are to purchase something or click on a PPC advertising link.
Once someone gets to your site, the quality of your web design will decide how long they stay. The following are good web design practices to follow: quick loading time in all browsers, easy navigation and pleasant colors and graphics.
If your page loads slow, you are losing visitors. Personally, when a website takes too long to load, I will hit the back button and go on to the next website and never be back to that site again.
As you are designing your site, you want to make the site easy to navigate. When people are looking for information on the Internet, they do not want to dig through the 1000 pages of your site to find it. Always make it easy to find information on your site.
When picking out colors and graphics be sure to use items that are appealing to your target audience that are not too distracting. You want people interested in the information presented, click on the ads, and purchase products, not the graphics and picture. Do not hurt your conversion ratios by adding crazy graphics.
2. Your website design can determine whether people return to your site.
If you are building a website for the long term, you not only want people to visit your site but also come back. Your website design is very critical in driving repeat visitors. The design of your website should make people want to come back over and over again. Did you know that most people do not make a purchase the first time they visit a website. Your money is made on the repeat visitors. If your website design is not pleasant, difficult to navigate, or you have those super annoying exit pop-up windows, then you could be hurting your bottom line and not even realize it. I have avoided going back to many sites because of poor web design.
Web design is an important factor to remember when gearing up for your Internet or affiliate marketing website because a poor web design can hurt your web site’s popularity, rankings and ultimately your conversion ratios.