Planning a Wedding Party with Minimal Budget

Believe it or not, many couples who discouraged to get married because of the high cost of wedding receptions. “Marriage is expensive, it costs a lot even hundreds of millions” complaints many couples when faced with money to be spent for the sake of this one sacred event. Hmmm … is that right? Well, do not worry there are many ways you can do to avoid these expensive costs when you want to get married. In this way, every couple can also keep their dream wedding, including you!

1. Simple Invitation

A simple invitation does not mean its perfunctory, yes. Choose a simple design (minimalist) and do not print on thick paper. If you have friends who are good at designing, do not be embarrassed to ask for help. Or as a way out, you can invite your friends through e-invitation, can also use the web service This method does not even require the cost of printing and delivery at all!

2. Invite Friends and Near Colleagues Only.

You must limit the number of people who want to be invited to the wedding. The more invitations you spread then it means you have to spend extra budget for catering, souvenirs, and rent a bigger building. Select only friends and colleagues. Friends who are limited to know and greet you do not need to invite.

3. Find a Building or Place to Hold Reception since Long Day

With the preparation far enough, you have enough time to choose or find a good building but still cheap and in accordance with your wedding budget. When ordering buildings from afar the previous day, it usually will be much cheaper than finding a building close to the wedding day.

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4. Sew Your Own Wedding Dress

That means you buy your own cloth, design it yourself and choose a cheap but quality sewing suture. So you will still get a dream dress. You can also consider renting a wedding dress complete with accessories.

5. No Need to Use Wedding Organizer Services

No need to hire the services of wedding organizers, even most weddings do not use the services of this one. And of course, the show is still running successfully. All you need to do is ask for the services of the girls and your immediate family to help with all the needs. Enough for their tasks, for example, Sinta and Lidia for decorating, Jia and Arinda take care of catering, Zee and Sisil take care of makeup and dress.

6. Wedding Event

Avoid wasting a wedding budget by holding a marriage contract and reception on different days, as this will only waste time and more money on cosmetology and catering! You can also use friends to fill the show, such as MC or music entertainment. You just treat them later, right?

7. Photo booth As Wedding Souvenir

Are you confused choosing your wedding souvenirs? Photo both could be an interesting choice. By providing photo booth at your wedding, guests at your event can take pictures with the unique properties and backdrops available. The results can be printed directly and made a unique souvenir for your event.