The development of today’s technology world is getting bigger. Almost all work has been done using a computer. Humans just as a button-pusher tool only, the rest is only computers and robots that execute commands from the human keypad that push.


In this article, I will describe the various types of computers used in everyday life. The following types of computers based on their function. For more information, you can visit:

  1. Analog Computer

Computers with this first type are computers that work at analog levels. This analog computer works by processing data in a sustainable manner. The data processed from these analog computers are only numbers (quantitative) such as examples of air pressure, temperature, sound waves, electric current flows, telephone signals, etc.

In essence, this analog computer is used only to process data in physical form. For the output of this digital computer is the same as other computers using the monitor. The results of the output you can see on the heart rate test in a hospital called EKG (Electro Cardio Graphic).

Advantages of using an analog computer:

  • Data processing quickly
  • Compatibility in measurement
  • Very useful for automatic control
  • Disadvantages of using analog computers:
  • Only special
  • More incoming power and output only a few
  • Use of hardware that much and more complicated
  1. Digital Computer

A digital computer is a computer that works by using arithmetic and logic operations, which uses variable numbers. If you want to know more advantage you can visit:

The output of a digital computer is usually a character or image. This digital computer is a computer that you use every day like office, home, and for a walk. The types of computers included in digital computers are personal computers (PCs), Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs, Gadgets, and other digital devices.

Advantages of using a digital computer:

Easier to use with more user-friendly interface

More entertaining because the output can be diverse and interesting

Hardware is not too complicated because it can be replaced and widely available.