There’s no question that writing is truly one of the great arts. In recent years, some have worried that this art would be lost, as the advent of email and computer technology has caused many people to abandon the act of writing down their thoughts in a leisurely and thoughtful way. The truth, however, is that many people still enjoy writing (and sketching, too) and the act of working out one’s thoughts by writing in a personalized hardcover journal can be a profound one. Many people feel that by quietly sitting with their thoughts, they can achieve a feeling of peace and insight that is unavailable via modern technology.

The Writer’s Life

It’s ironic to think that though people have written long works of literature throughout history, in recent years the idea of writing via pen and paper has seemed out of date and nearly obsolete. Yet many of the great works of literature were written by hand. The era of the typewriter was actually relatively short, and the typewriter became “obsolete” (though some literary writers still swear by it) as the word processor came into vogue. The truth is, however, that a quality leather journal is still a great companion for anyone who cares about working out their ideas with care. A journal provides the space and quiet a writer needs to sit with their thoughts, and that journal will keep those written thoughts (and sketches) safe until it’s time to finally return to them.

Yes, it’s funny to think that something as simple and modest as a leather and paper journal could be such a resonant tool for a creative person, but it is. So, next time you are in need of a great companion for your thoughts, consider getting a fresh new journal, and filling it up with all your most important ideas.