Best Ways to Book Flights from Mumbai to Bangalore

Bangalore and Mumbai are known for their industrious and hardworking citizens as well as their magnificent century-old tourist attraction sites. Therefore, you should expect a high level of movement back and forth these two cities, probably by air.

However, if you know your way through these Indian cities you can easily connect a flight to an airport of your choice, depending on where you are going. Nonetheless, even if you are new in Mumbai or Bangalore, Google maps can help you get around the city to the major airports back and forth.

Consequently, traveling can be hard, especially when you factor in expenses like cab fare, airfare, and other miscellaneous expenses to be incurred back and forth during the trip. Therefore, you need to know the best ways to book a flight, and not any flight but an affordable one.

Here is how you can manage to book flight tickets from Mumbai to Bangalore.

1. Use Airline Website

When it comes to booking any flight, be it across India or outside it, always use the airline website. Otherwise, the private agents and travel booking sites will overcharge you for their services.

As much as there are loads of discounts and offers in these travel-booking sites, the final balance can shock you especially if you are booking multiple seats.

Therefore, always use the website airline, track them privately if you must, there will be no extra charges and the offers will be as per their terms and conditions.

In relation, try to browse airfare for different airline websites, do not stick to one just because it has more offers and is believed to be affordable. Sometimes, the offers may not apply to your current air travel plans. Therefore, do some thorough research before booking a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore.

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2. Book in Advance

You can book your flight from Bangalore to Delhi in advance to avoid last minute rash, which is always expensive. Research has found out that a three-month window period is the best, anything earlier, later or close to your travel date is expensive with little offers.

Likewise, you can check for different airlines, from price, take-off and landing time when booking your flight. Remember to browse in private mode.

Besides, you can always cancel or change travel dates if there are more offers and discounts on other dates close to your planned travel date. However, this works for those with flexible schedules, last-minute travelers will have to get used to paying high airfare to any city in India.

3. Browse Incognito

Airlines usually track the number of times you have visited their sites, so it is best to remain anonymous and switch to private mode or clear your browser history every time you want to check for flight fares.

This way you can feel at ease browsing through loads of airlines, without worrying if there will be a difference in their airfares, in case you go back to it the same day or after a few days.

Browsing in private mode allows you to gauge the authenticity of some of these offers. Therefore, if the airline website cannot track your browsing history they will not be in a position to make any changes even if you visit them daily, a week, or a month.

4. Register for Membership

Another way to make sure you get the best and affordable flights from Mumbai to Bangalore is to register for various memberships. It does not matter how many people you are booking a flight for, the offers are always valid for everyone, and you can even book for someone else even though you are not traveling.

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Therefore, for every kilometer one travels by air, you reap some benefits and offers. You can use these benefits for another flight booking. Moreover, you can easily cash the vouchers you get from the membership.

Therefore, register for different memberships with these airlines and you will stand to reap many benefits no matter the airline you opt for.

5. Save Your Flight Bookings for Wednesdays

Wednesdays have proven to be the best time to book cheap flights to Bangalore if you are from Mumbai. Likewise, avoid weekend flight bookings, as they tend to be expensive with little offers.

The best time usually falls through the weekday. It might be anywhere from Tuesdays to Thursday but Wednesdays have the lowest airfare of all the three consecutive days of the week.

If you are unsure, do some private online stalking for a few weeks to a month and see how this day fairs when it comes to airfare. You can compare with other airlines and days of the week.


Therefore, if you are about to travel from Mumbai to Bangalore, you have all it takes to book a cheap flight easily. All these points might seem obvious, but it is the way you go about it, that matters. So share your knowledge with someone today, it makes for a good research, do not keep it to yourself.