7 How to Get an Inspiration Create a Design

There are many ways in which to get inspiration for a design. As in my previous post, when I gathered with friends in the design community. I am trying to discuss ways about ideas when creating a design. Here I will try to give a way to get an idea or inspiration to create a design

Looking for Inspiration from Browsing

Google is a mandatory menu that we must open when browsing. We can use google to search the website or portfolio of other designers such as behance.net, Shutterstock, 99Designs. It does not matter if a designer looks at someone else’s work to inspire, the problem is to imitate exactly the work of others. Look for designs that relate to your needs that can make the source of the idea.


After we get the brief from the client try to sketch, grab the paper and pencil make some concept according to a client request, this way often used by some friends including myself to get an original idea.


Very unlikely if you are in a state of stress, too tired or dizzy can get a good idea. Try to relax or relax a little to make your mind fresh and fresh again.


The way I often do is to discuss with friends who understand the design, with a discussion while you can exchange cop thoughts and the results can get new ideas

Open your Portfolio

As a designer, of course, you have made some design work try to open your masterpiece again, you can develop the design concept you ever made to produce a new design work.


If you are still having trouble getting ideas, try to rearrange your workspace, I think the workspace is influential with our work. With a comfortable workplace, we will easily get fresh ideas.

Work at  Night

Creating a work of design needed tranquility to get the maximum work. I have tried to survey some friends in the design community and the result is that they work at night because the idea always appears at night. I think you need to try it.…

Online Marketing Tips: How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t matter if you wish to start with content marketing from scratch, or you wish to revitalize an old approach by using a new one, revisiting content strategy plan is essential for maintaining an appropriate amount of success.

You have to make sure that everything is up to date, reliable and innovative, and since the market functions based on millions of competitors, most marketers are spending at least 40% of their web marketing budget for creating and implementing informative content.

The first step that you should do to stay ahead of the competition is to develop smart and solid content marketing plan. If you have trouble planning and understanding where you should start, we recommend you to stay with us for more information:

What Is Content Strategy?

We have to start by saying that content strategy represents the management of all tangible media that you can use so that you can create unique written, downloadable, visual content so that you can reach more people in the long run.

It is one of the essential steps for making a successful marketing plan with the idea to demonstrate who you represent and all expertise that you have for an industry you working on.

You have heard that content creation is vital for your business, but you have to plan it appropriately. As soon as you develop a content marketing strategy, you should consider these things:

  • Find Your Target Audience – First thing that you should think about is what type of audience you wish to reach your content and why. It is also vital to find out for how many people you want to create content. Similarly, as your business can have one or more types of customers, you should base the content strategy on them so that you can cater your viewers and readers. It is vital to use various kinds of contents available on the web as well as channels because each one will provide your ability to reach a wider audience and engage with someone that will become a potential

It is important to click here if you wish to learn more on content marketing and its importance for driving your sales up.

  • Find Problems You Wish To Solve For That Audience – The ideal perspective requires that you can provide a service or product that will solve a problem that your audience has. Therefore, your content should educate and coach your audience when it comes to this particular problem and how to go through it so that they can start to identify with it and address it afterward. That is the main reason why solid strategy requires the ability to support people on both sides of your problem: those that are already using your product so that they can overcome specific challenges and people that are still figuring out what their challenges are. Your content should provide them the solution so that your customers could become more qualified users of your service or product.
  • Create A Unique Approach – If you are working for competitive industry niche, you should analyze your competitors so that you can see whether they feature similar product as yours. If that is the case, check what type of solutions they are presenting to the audience, so that you can avoid repeating yourself and offer something that another side hasn’t yet. Implementing relevant and informative content will have the ability to prove to your audience that you are worth buying from when compared with others on the market that share similar services.
  • Content Formats – You should think through which formats of content you should use. Ideally, you should take advantage of each content form so that you reach a wider audience than before. However, it is challenging for both your pockets and time to create blog posts, videos, infographics and everything by you. That is why you should start by focusing only on one format and try to use it with perfection and make it worthwhile. In time, you will understand other forms that you can implement too, but it is vital to start small so that you can avoid losing too much money.
  • Consider Channels Where You Wish To Publish Content – Similarly, as creating a content that you wish to present, it is also vital to use a wide array of channels so that you can share and publish the content so that you can improve your search engine optimization and boost organic search and visitors. Channels can easily include your blog, website, social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and you can find third-party blogs and websites that will help you build links toward your official site so that you can increase its authority.
  • What Should You Do When It Comes to Creation and Publication – It is essential to figure out the least time consuming and expense making method that will help you create a publish a content that will help you reach more potential customers than before. Therefore, it is vital to answer questions we mentioned you above such as who is your target audience and what type of problem they require solving. Most strategies today will help you prevent clutter, so you should plan a content calendar based on topics so that you can visualize the message your company wishes to present and that will boost your brand awareness in overall.


How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Define Your Goals – This is the first and most crucial step because you need to have goals that you wish to achieve by using a specific format of content. By understanding your goals before you start planning, you will need much less time to determine steps toward it and figuring right strategy along the way. Read here about goal setting: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/291912


  • Run Content Audit – Most companies start by implementing a blog within their website so that they can efficiently produce and venture content pieces. Therefore, if you wish to publish weekly blog posts on an

Useful Tips When Making an Effective Logo Design

Designing a good logo is very easy. Wrong. There is more to crafting an effective brand visual identity than placing your brand name in a circle and calling it a day. Designing logos are very in demand, and it is for good reasons. Logos are often a company’s first line of defense, one that will have a significant impact on customer’s brand perception, overall attitude, and purchase decision making towards the product.

We live in a world where society sees the brand logo as the most crucial factor in marketing and promotions. Even toddlers who can talk or walk yet can recognize product logos or can deduce what the logo stands for just by looking at the brandmark.

For those who want to embark on a design journey or still thinking about how to make an effective brand logo for their company, we searched for a great logo design article, and asked professional design experts for tips on creating a useful and great brand or company logo. Here they are:

Be witty, smart, and unique

A brand logo helps distinguish a brand from other competing brands, so it is imperative that the image you make or choose stands out from the rest of your competitors. Something a lot of companies failed to realize. In such cases, imitating other designs is you your best bet.

But this is a bad idea. What is essential is to create a logo that you believe is different from your competitor and different from what is already out there. It is highly unlikely that what you made will be original (most designers say this is impossible), but that should not be your primary goal.

Once something is posted online, there is no way to guarantee that it will not be used by other people, in any shape or form, another platform or forum. Designers who are not sure of the uniqueness and originality of the logo they designed can check for plagiarism in sites like Logo Thief.

Creating an original and unique design is not all about evading imitations, but also about creating something that is out-of-the-box and unique. It is very tempting to throw in the towel and put up an industrial design that was half-heartedly made, but it is essential to create something unique and creative.

Just take for example famous brand logos like the Mercedes, Virgin Atlantic, or the Apple logos. They are not just a logo of a car, an airplane, or a computer. They are more than that.

What does product branding means? Click here to know more.

Understand your brand

Logo designs are images, but it is also your brand’s first line of defense, your introduction to your company and your brand. The logo must reach specific audiences. When you are designing, you need to keep in mind that you are now basically promoting your product or services.

Make a list of things you think about your brand, perhaps make a mood board with images that will remind you of your company and your brand’s vision and ideology. If it can give you inspiration, you can look at other pages including your competitor’s website.

But you need to make sure that you look for inspiration only for aesthetic purposes, nothing more, and nothing less. Don’t check other sites to search for deeper meaning. Researching other brands can be very helpful, but logo designers need to be very careful not to take inspirations from different designs, literally.

Any design work should be unique or original and should reflect your client’s unique product attributes. Is your client’s brand, utility-driven, or do they focus on stimulating emotions? Is it quirky or contemporary? What is your target market’s priority and what does your client’s product or services aspire to be? Although it is beneficial to stay up to date on what is trending when it comes to brand designs. It is very vital to stay true to the brand’s personality.

Color is important

When you are taking the brand’s personality into account, you need to think about all the aspects of the image. Bold and bright colors can grab anyone’s attention, but you also make sure that they don’t look brash. Muted tones emanate sophistication, but can also be overlooked. If you want to know what muted tone or earth color means, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_tone.

Every color has different consequences and can bring “shade” to your message. DO not fall into the trap of delivering the wrong message because of a simple stroke of the brush.

What is in a name?

According to most designers, a logo is made of two elements: symbol and wordmark. Before a client or a company can think of representing their brand with a symbol, a lot of advertising must be done. Whether the brand can use a Logotype still depends on what kind of name the brand has.

If your brand has a unique name, you could get away with it. But if your brand has a common name, then you are going to need something to make your brand stand out over the competitors.

Did you know that SEO is the lifeblood of your business?

SEO:  it stands for Search Engine Optimization. One aspect of it is weaving the right keywords and long phrases into content that makes it seem natural and interesting reading so that search engine bots will notice the content and rank them highly on Internet search engines. We live in the digital era which is dominated by the Internet, and this has changed the ways in which people shop.  Today’s customer is much more savvy, aware, and educated. They want to do their own research before making a buying decision. This is only a part of SEO. Since every business needs SEO to survive.

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We are experts at three major areas of SEO: online marketing, sales optimization, and web development. We develop close partnerships with our clients which are mutually beneficial. It is through these partnerships that we help our clients meet and exceed their business and sales goals. This is crucial if they want to remain in business in the long-run. We hire only the best and most seasoned web specialists who work with our clients to create the strategic plans which will deliver them the results that they want and need, and which will help them exceed their sales and revenue goals every year. Our specialists know how to weave the keywords and long phrases that people type into search engines when they are looking for products and services into content in a natural and appealing way that both Internet search engine bots and our customers love. We make sure that our SEO optimized content increases conversions, because more revenue and customers are better in sales, and sales are the lifeblood of any business.

We attract the high-paying clients for our clients through the hard work that our specialists do.  We are very concerned about the long-term welfare of our clients because when they succeed, we also succeed. After all, we need paying clients and lots of revenue coming in every year to stay in business!

Now that you know that SEO is what makes or breaks a business in the digital area, and you know what we can do for your company in terms of its SEO campaigns, why don’t you use us for your next product or service rollout?  We would be more than happy to help you, and our work will make your company grow and succeed!…

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

Your website or business’s online reputation is constantly changing with every link, social media post, and piece of content published on the internet. Even the actions of other reputable sites can affect your online reputation. Web designers and digital marketers must stay ahead of the game in order to maintain a respectable reputation on the internet.

Moreover, there are plenty of ways to increase the reputation of your online brand or business. The following are just a few of these methods and how to effectively implement them into your digital marketing strategy.

  • Backlinks
  • Reviews
  • Affiliates


Backlinks show search engines that your website is knowledgeable and trustworthy enough to be linked and connected to other, similar sites of high authority. In addition to building search engine optimization efforts, backlinks will also lead visitors of other sites back to yours, therefore, increasing the traffic your site gains. In order to build backlinks, you can blatantly ask other web designers and business owners if they would like to trade backlinks, recruit content writers to post on your site, and link to your own content within your site.


Getting reviews is an important step in maintaining an online reputation and presence. Reviews help potential customers preview and learn more about a particular product or service. This helps build your online reputation by instilling trust within a customer base. Businesses can gain helpful reviews on sites like Yelp and Amazon, in addition to hosting testimonials and customer comments on their own respective sites. Google My Business is the biggest and most important directory of local businesses on the internet, today, and also gives users the option to review certain businesses, making it another excellent source of valuable reviews. In order to provoke people into giving your business a review, you can offer freebies or other incentives for posting reviews of your product of service.


Affiliate marketing has long been a gainful method of building online reputations. With a wide network of affiliates, customers trust that the products or services offered by your brand are good enough for multiple facets of sale. Affiliate links and sellers help build your online reputation by promoting your business, themselves, and working, essentially, as the door-to-door salesmen of the internet. The more people you having backing and pushing for your brand, the better your reputation will be online.

Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Establishing an online reputation is important for businesses on the internet. While there are a number of ways to increase the reputation of site, blog or brand, you should also look into ways of monitoring your reputation. There are many analytic services and software to use in the monitoring of site data, like traffic. Google Analytics is among one of the most trusted online reputation management tool, but you should shop around before deciding on the best one for your business. In addition to online reputation management tools, your sales and traffic will suffice to reveal the state of your online reputation. You can also test it for yourself by searching for your selected keywords and tracking referrals to your site.

Having a respectable reputation on the internet is vital to the success of any online business. While these simple tips will help establish a reputation online, you should experiment with different aspects of the internet, like social media and influencer programs, in order to fight best practices for your particular business.

Keeping Your Printers Ready At All Times

You may have a business that provides copies to people on a daily basis, and one or more of your copiers may not be presently working. If this is you, there is no need to worry. There are a bunch of ways to keep your printers in good health at all times.

Be Sure To Have Insurance

The first way to make sure your printers are always up and running is to have insurance on each machine. Regardless of the situation, the insurance company will pay one of their mechanics to come out and fix the problem. Today, having insurance on printing machines is more important than ever because the prices of these machines are at an all-time high.

See How Other Businesses Are Coping With Their Printers

You should also visit other businesses that use printing machines on a daily basis. Find out how these individuals handled situations in the past when their machines were not working. Each business owner will have handled their situation differently, so you should visit at least 10 different businesses.

There Are Many Private Businesses That Deal With These Issues

You can also turn to private businesses that deal with printer and copier issues. You will be able to find these companies online, on billboards, and through family and friends. The company you think of choosing should have a long history of properly fixing printers and copiers, and they should have decent prices, too. A good example of a company that meets this standard is Gem Laser. This company provides printer service and repair in a premium fashion. For starters, this company has customers in various states and cities. This company also handled all major and non-major name brands. Gem Laser also uses the best technology on the market on every job.

Printers and copiers need to be fixed whenever they seem to have a problem. Not fixing them will make the issues only worse until the machines no longer work at all, and this will ultimately affect your sales.…

6 Accurate Strategies in Doing Digital Marketing Business on Social Media

Digital marketing agency that implements the Digital Agency Gold Coast strategy is the right strategy in conducting digital marketing business on social media in today’s sophisticated digital era. Many businesses are developing because of the availability of supporting technology. Marketing techniques are again the current trend of marketing done through social media. The internet has become one of the important things in this type, especially in digital marketing, especially through social media.Social media is one of the most effective tools or media for promotion.

In this process, businesses always associate social media as one of the most effective tools or media for promotion. Imagine if a business without support from the internet, social media marketing or marketing or moving cannot run effectively and perfectly.

Social media marketing is very important for business development, especially in business in today’s digital era, because in addition to ease of use, the business costs of doing business on social media are quite cheap. In the technological boom and social media marketing strategies appear to tell us and need to pay attention. The following are accurate marketing strategies and need to be controlled by employers to assist in product marketing.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing, is currently the main focus of many brands, given the important role and way of working in relation to social media, multimedia, search and mobile. Many companies still do not understand the importance of trends and how the basis of content marketing is almost all digital marketing.

2. Mobile Marketing

Increased smartphone and tablet users also make marketing and content messages for mobile platforms a necessity. Such a small device, many consumers who see, read content, receive e-mail, even buy products. Therefore, companies are required to immediately redesign websites and blogs to work responsively with mobile devices.

3. Digital Integrated Marketing

social media and content have a very important role in the search results. Google has created Google + one false distribution for various reasons is to capture social signals. For this reason, make sure that each approach provides the possibility to tie all of them (consumers) together to achieve maximum effectiveness.

4. Continuous Marketing

A marketing must realize a strong marketing strategy that lives and is called Continuous marketing. But this does not mean you cannot market their products offline. In fact, everything that can be found online through social media such as twitter flow on Google search, as well as the constant need for SEO, content creation, publishing, and also marketing.

5. Personalized Marketing

The marketing approach that occurs in traditional media such as magazines and television becomes less effective due to media saturation. We can see the existence of personalized marketing in e-commerce, e-mail and websites that adapt to interface users for the sake of advertising and consumer interests. When you open an e-commerce website, the web will capture your habits such as reading data, presenting information systems and relevant intelligence is applied. All this is aided by technology by using “big data” technology so that it can increase marketing effectiveness.

6. Visual Marketing through social media

When I first saw the visual scene from our marketing through YouTube, it appeared several years ago. Since then, visual marketing has remained as a newer Instagram, Pinterest, and also SlideShare. In recent years, existing visual marketing has been at a new level. You must be able to take advantage of this marketing trend as a way to increase online marketing involvement.…

Finding a Combination of Marketing Tactics for Your Online Marketing

If you want to bring success to your online business, one of the worst things you can do is rely on one method. You have to use a variety of methods in order to bring a lot of customers to your website. Before getting started, you are going to have to read about the possible ways to market your site. Another thing you are going to have to do is a little bit of experimenting with your niche in order to see where you can reach people. Once you have found the different sites that you can use for marketing, then you can proceed with the process of optimizing and marketing your site.

Even though you have a variety of marketing methods, you are going to have a primary method. This is the method that is the strongest in bringing customers to your site. It could be engaging in one of the communities of your strongest social media platform. While engaging with others and bringing an online presence to your company, you can also continue to add content to your site. The content has to feature strategically placed keywords so that the search engines will be able to rank the site.

Another thing that you should consider is that marketing is something that is best done with a team. Trying to do all of the marketing by yourself is going to be very hard for you, especially if you are new to marketing. With a marketing team, you are going to have a different set of personalities and talents. You might find people who are more comfortable with going out and talking to people. Then there are people who are good at gaining a following on their social media platforms. Your Marketing People can take your business to new heights of success at a faster rate than you would imagine.

With a marketing team, you can have one person provide content for your site. Another person can reach out to blogs and submit guest blogs. Then another person can handle the social media aspects of reaching out. Then there are those who are good at building lists. Yet another person can get involved in email marketing. With all of the tasks being delegated, the business is going to be one of the major successes. With this combination of marketing, significant business growth is possible and even an easy thing to achieve.

Online marketing does not have to be something that is extremely difficult. For people that try to do it all by themselves, there are going to be tons of challenges that arise. However, even as a solo marketer, all they have to do is be persistent and wise in their approach. Then they will gain profits for their work. Among the important things they need is a passion for their business. This includes running a business that is based on an activity or type of product that they actually enjoy. They can also decide on the size of their business.