Why ManyChat Prices in 2019 is Worth It? A Review on The Best Bot Builder for Online Marketing

If you’re reading this article, we’re pretty sure that you have a little idea about chatbots and you understand how it works and how important it is to the marketing world. Business owners as well as marketers are always in the search for new methods and cutting-edge software and tools.

Sometimes, they wasted a lot of precious time looking for these tools and software since it takes time to implement and learn every little detail. In this article, we will share a good bot builder tool that you can use and apply for your business. MyChat doesn’t have a lot of functions when it first came out.

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Because of this, even though it is very easy to use and set up, the tool is not enough for most marketers and business owners. But in March, it changes everything. The application added a lot of features that other builders don’t have. Most marketers and business owners spend a lot of time figuring out how to use it. Other builders are only compatible with email. Email is mandatory because it:

– Is used for integration.

 – Is as an excellent channel to make sales and promote businesses.

 – Provides added security.

For ManyChat, all of it is just a click away. You have already seen it on their welcome page. We know that popups are annoying, but when it comes to sales and marketing, it works. But we are guessing that you already know that as a business owner or a good marketer. Easier tracking of user acquisition and setup is what made this app a good building tool.

It is optimized for online businesses and online marketeer. But despite all its useful features, it also has a lot of limitations. If you want to handle more complex integrations and conversations, the app will not be enough for you. But it is an excellent tool to give you a better feel of how chatbot works, while you figure out all the features that you need for your business. It is free and fast to set up. But enough with the small talks. And let’s discuss the benefit of using the application. We are not just talking about how to get a ManyChat coupon here, we are talking about the ins and outs of this application, the benefit of using it, and why it is good for business owners and marketers.

Setting up an account

Setting up an account is one of the easiest things we have seen since we started covering chatbots. Just a simple button click and your page are already connected to their system. When you have finished installing the tool, you will be redirected to ManyChat, and you need to choose which page or site you want to connect to the bot. After setting up, you can now build your welcome message on your first sequence.


As we mentioned before, ManyChat has some limitations. If you are using chatbots for newsletter services or primary purposes, you have enough tools or software to use.


Setting up a message is very easy when you know what tools you need to use. There are also different options you can use like:

Text – This does not require an extra introduction, it is like basic SMS messages that you receive from your friends and family. You can also put additional buttons (up to 3) with extra messages, phone numbers, and links.

Image – You can send GIFs or images with chatbots.

Card – It is a combination of text and image.

Gallery – This is an advanced alternative of the Card. You can add cards next to each other so users can scroll through the options vertically.

List – There’s a big chance that you have never seen this before. Just like the gallery, you will have an option to choose different options. But they are listed below each other, that is why it is better to scroll, but doing this will give you less space for your images and text.

Audio – With this tool, you can also send voice messages. You will also have an option to attach audio files as well.

Video – Your customers and users can watch your video inside the Messenger directly. You can also drop videos using this option up to 25MB.

File – This option can be perfect if your lead magnet uses PDF or something that is not supported by the Messenger.

Delay – When using this option, you can delay the delivery of your messages. It also has an option that will let you see whether the people on the other end is typing or not.

These are some of the options every time you make a message. You can stack them, for example, an image followed by a voice or text message.

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How can the users trigger the messages?

Messages can appear as:

Welcome messages – The users can click on the “Get started.” It is a little shoot-out on how many marketers and business owners like that they also include an unsubscribe option at the start; not all builders do that.

Opt-in message – User can use Growth Tools to join your Messenger.

Keyword-triggered messages – User can type messages that you have defined.

Default reply – Users can type messages that are not defined as trigger words.

Broadcast messages – The users can approve you to send them messages.

Auto-posting – You can post your contents from other channels like YouTube or Facebook automatically.

Sequences – Based on the setup you made, you can send messages to the users automatically.

Growth tools – This is a marketer’s dream come true. It provides you with opportunities to capture a lot of leads and put them in your messenger sequence. The application is the best here. After users click on one of the Growth tools, they can receive the opt-in messages that you individually set up.

Another function that ManyChat can provide their users is the notification settings. You can send silent messages to all of your users. This option can also show the application’s dedication to the better user experience. They also pay attention to Facebook’s 24-hour rule so that the users will not get spammed.