Using WordPress As a CMS

There are a number of ways that a website can be built and managed. My personal favorite is a free system that automatically builds your website with virtually one click. Not only does it instantly build your site for you, but you can easily login to update different parts of your site. This login area will let you change the design and create new pages of content just like you would in a word processor. Everything will be easy and straightforward with NO programming skills needed.

This program that I use is called WordPress. Here I want to introduce what it does and how it can help us as webmasters.

WordPress is known as a content management system (CMS) which is simply a fancy way of saying that it builds, manages and organizes everything for your website. Think of it like an automatic web programmer: you login and type a page of content, WordPress posts that content right to the site itself and keeps everything neat and organized.

Plus, it also manages the design and layout of your website. There are thousands of “themes” (designs) that you can use for your site. You simply pick which one you want and your site will change to match that design. Just like your site is changing it’s clothes. WordPress couldn’t be easier.

There are a few basic reasons why WordPress is my favorite system and why we will be using it for our sites:

It’s free and it works The learning-curve takes hours instead of months The login area (control panel) is so easy anyone can use it You can install, setup, and manage WordPress with ZERO programming skills There are thousands of pre-built designs that you can apply to your site with one click

Again, this is why I use WordPress for all of my websites and I believe that almost any website can be built through this system.