Looks Matter When it Comes to Website Design

During the 1990’s those .gif animation, 10 minute to build, homemade websites were spread across the internet like a wild fire. People never thought twice about what the site looked like. However we are no longer in the 90’s and now just the look of a web design can be a deal breaker for customers.
Website Design is one of the most important, most crucial steps when taking your business online. The entire focus of your website is to draw customers in and not push them away. That is why design is so important. If your site looks like junk, expect people to throw it away like it too.
You want to make sure your website reflects the look, the feel and the entire personality of what your business is about. If your business is a Coffee Shop, make sure it has that warm and cozy feeling. If your business is about music, make sure it reflects that style of music, whether it is country, hard rock, grunge and so on.
When it comes to hiring a Web Design Company to create a website for you, pricing can be a pretty big deal. Typically you will get what you paid for. The competition for website design is massive, and prices will range from $100 to the 5 digit figure. Now a $10,000 website may sound scary, but keep in mind it also depends on what kind of site you want. If all you’re trying to do is to spread the word of your business, whether it is a restaurant or a mom and pop shop, then a $400-$2000+ website is pretty reasonable. If you are trying to sell products at a mass quantity online, that 5 digit price range isn’t completely far-fetched. Make sure you research the company and their portfolio before hiring them. There are many companies out there that will promise you a top of the line website for $200. This is usually a tell-tale sign to be careful, as there are almost always hidden fees around the corner. That or people will spend the bare minimum amount of hours working on your site.
Next time you visit a webpage, pay attention to the design. It is pretty easy to tell off the bat if it is a good design or a bad one. With each passing year, the internet grows, and with it comes more potential. Website design is no longer just a personal page, but a long-term investment that can bring in clients and customers. So make sure to take the time and energy to research and invest.