Making a Voucher Site With WordPress

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First, WordPress are no longer allowing users to use the hosted version of WordPress if they are selling sponsored posts. How far they take this – whether it gets as far as disallowing affiliate promotion – I do not know and whether the situation changes in the future we cannot know. But for safety, I would recommend avoiding the hosted version if you want to make sure your website will always thrive.


So we are looking at the self hosted version of WordPress. There are two options here, depending on your technical abilities. If you are happy with FTP and buying a MySQL database, then you can use any host you like. But if this sounds too complicated, then look just for hosts that will install WordPress at the click of a few buttons.

Once you have your host, then you can also buy you domain name. Along with setting up WordPress, your site is now up and running!

Finding Some Vouchers

There is no point in just displaying random voucher codes if the purpose of the site is to make an income. You will only want to display voucher codes that relate to sites running affiliate schemes and you will only be allowed to display approved codes. So sign up to a handful of the biggest affiliate schemes you can find and then apply to all of their relevant merchants.

They will then email you as voucher codes go live. You then just write a new post and type in the code and all of the details. Do not bother with click to reveal – it just annoys people. Just give the full details on your post. The affiliate scheme will provide you with banners or text links for the merchant. Just copy and paste one of these into the post.

Attracting Visitors To Your Voucher Site

Search engine optimisation techniques are possible, but will take a lot of effort! At best, maybe optimising for merchant names and the word voucher code might help for people looking for that merchant’s banners, but you need to build on the powers of the blogging tool.

Instead you need to build a following and this is where blogs excel! If you can attract some visitors to your new WordPress site, then people will start signing up for you RSS feed. So make sure that your posts about new vouchers clearly name the merchant and the discount, so followers can pop by when there is a voucher that appeals. But, where do you get these visitors from to begin with?

Well start taking part in other discount code websites and forums. Be the first person to post about excellent codes that you know about, giving the full details on the forum or in the comment so that it does not become blatant self promotion. Just rely on the avatar linking back to your website, or adding a link in your signature.