How to Get on Page One of Google in 30 Days and Stay There Using WordPress

Getting indexed by Google can be tough. Getting to page one on Google can be tough. However there are ways to be able to get indexed AND on page one of Google if you follow the proper steps.

When going for page one on Google, it’s very important that you have the right keywords and that your domain name is a match to those keywords.

For instance if you are targeting the keyword ‘psychedelic penguins’ you would make sure that the domain name you get is psychedelic penguins dot com.

Also, make sure that the keyword is actually being searched. To find out how many times your keyword is being searched, use the Google keyword tool. Google the term “keyword tool” and it will be on the top of the list. Play around with that tool and you will be able to see most of the information you need to be able to make an informed decision about your keyword.

The second most important step to getting on the first page of Google is to go for a keyword that is relatively easy to dominate. If you are going for ‘auto insurance’ give up! That is the toughest term to go for. The top sites for that keyword have high page ranks and literally hundreds of thousands of back links.

Another important tool required if using a WordPress site is the XML Google site map plug-in. This tool lets Google know that you exist. If you don’t use WordPress then make sure you get a site map so that Google and their Google bots can check you out and see what you’re about. It also separates the real sites from the Mickey Mouse sites.

There are at least 7 big key steps to getting on the front page of Google. You can see a free video for proof of how it is possible to get on page one of Google in 30 days using WordPress and maintain that position. At the video there is also a free report available which gives an easy to follow step by step approach to getting your site out of the mud and up on page one without having to be an SEO ninja.