Color is the universal language of a Logo Design. Because it can convey the personality of A brand. Make a brand stand out in a market. And generate an emotional response from the market’s consumers or from the seer’s side. So today a Logo becomes a separate Trend in a Brand or company. Many companies are willing to pour big funds just for A symbol of their company. One of which is Color theory and color theory should be an expert in logo design artists. If you want to apply color theory to the creative process of designing a logo. Here’s how to choose colors in logo design


Logo with Red Color

The red color is the color most often used a logo. Because it has a lot of emotions that cause intensity. Red can serve to intensify or arouse any passion. Lots of restaurant symbol that use red in the symbol with the aim of finding potential customers who want a good intensity


The nuance of orange can include a variety of emotions, but the emotion that most reflects the orange is courage. Nevertheless, orange is still enough to arouse passion as red, but not dark enough to produce serenity and subtlety. Orange will be a good color for bold business but more to toy supplier, entertainment, etc.


As you know, yellow is a bright color that naturally evokes the emotions of happiness over other colors. However, just like orange, if combined with a darker color, the impression of happiness in yellow will disappear and will look more serious.


This color has multiple “personalities”. On the one hand, black symbolizes strength and sophistication. While on the other it is associated with evil and death.


Colors are as bright as the sky is arguably the most popular color used for the brand. Blue is a color that is easy to remember. Given the color that describes the sky and the ocean. In the eyes of the public, the blue on the logo reflects the nature of trusted, reliable, safe and responsible