Should You Hire An Independent SEO Consultant?

Setting up your own online business is a pretty awesome thing. It’s a decision only a few select people take courage to make. It’s a gamble, you see. Then again, so are any kinds of business. It involves taking risks and leaps of faith. It means having to invest time, effort, and money. Really, if I were just to list down all the things required for a business to take off, I’d end up with one too many. This is especially true when we talk about businesses online.

So, what’s the big deal anyway? What makes an online business so different from an offline one?

Well, many of you would probably beg to differ when I say that online businesses have it rougher than offline ones. I mean, shouldn’t there be less risk involved with an online business? The manpower requirement is low, there is no rent, and the owner doesn’t have to worry about improving or beautifying an office or retail store. After hearing all that, an online business definitely sounds more advantageous right?


Online stores may be convenient in a lot of ways but they’re a lot harder to manage. The biggest challenge of it all is the heightened competition (read more). When you open a mini grocery shop downtown, you compete with neighboring stores that do the same business as you – convenience stores, one-stop shops, and supermarkets. But how many can there be? There’ll probably be just one, two – or maybe even five. But hey, it’s still totally doable. You can definitely compete against those using normal strategies (e.g. flash sales, discount offers, free items, etc.).

Now, try opening the same shop online. I tell you, you won’t just be surprised – you’ll be shocked to see just how many online grocery stores there are worldwide. And to make matters all the more challenging, most of them ship internationally too. Going against these giants is definitely a semi-suicide mission – with around 2% of the odds going in your favor.

This is what makes online businesses very hard to operate. Sure, you’ve got no rent. Sure, you don’t need too much manpower. But if you’re good as invisible, how do you even plan on making a profit? Know more about the daily struggles of online establishments here:

Luckily, a silver lining still exists for business owners. There is still a way for them to claim the limelight.

And this ray of hope is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing strategy that primarily targets search engines. The basic premise is that if you rank higher on search engines, the higher your ROI will be.

People largely do their activities online nowadays – from shopping to socializing, bills payment and information gathering. And the most common mediums they use to surf online and locate certain websites are search engines like Google and Yahoo. Businesses that land in the first results page will undoubtedly do better than businesses that end up in other pages (page two and up). People are not akin to the idea of searching for too long, after all. Search engines present them with the most qualified results on the first page so why should they bother looking for information elsewhere? Make sense?

SEO integrates a combination of techniques to make your website look more appealing to search engines (find out more). It builds your website authority and affiliation through clean methods to earn your business a good spot in the SERPS. The higher your website rank is, the greater the number of visitors. This gives you the advantage of landing more leads and conversions.

Who Does SEO?

SEO is a learned skill (maybe craft is a better word for it). We have SEO professionals who have trained and honed their skills in SEO through years of experience and research. SEO is rather volatile so practitioners have to constantly update themselves with the latest trends to keep up with it.

Now, some businesses form their own SEO team. While it may work for them, I still advise new businesses to outsource their SEO activities to Independent SEO Consultants instead. Yes, just like VivaTraffic – company for SEO Outsourcing.

Why is this so?

Hiring an entire SEO team and creating your own SEO department right off the bat can be very costly. It is inefficient and may result in extreme losses – especially when you hire the wrong people. Outsourcing, on the other hand, will help you minimize cost. Other than paying for the service, you don’t have any other responsibility. You also have the option to terminate the service if you are unsatisfied with the results. If you see things this way, outsourcing is definitely far beneficial than hiring actual employees – don’t you think?

Why ManyChat Prices in 2019 is Worth It? A Review on The Best Bot Builder for Online Marketing

If you’re reading this article, we’re pretty sure that you have a little idea about chatbots and you understand how it works and how important it is to the marketing world. Business owners as well as marketers are always in the search for new methods and cutting-edge software and tools.

Sometimes, they wasted a lot of precious time looking for these tools and software since it takes time to implement and learn every little detail. In this article, we will share a good bot builder tool that you can use and apply for your business. MyChat doesn’t have a lot of functions when it first came out.

How chat applications are transforming the word of global conversation? Click here to know more.

Because of this, even though it is very easy to use and set up, the tool is not enough for most marketers and business owners. But in March, it changes everything. The application added a lot of features that other builders don’t have. Most marketers and business owners spend a lot of time figuring out how to use it. Other builders are only compatible with email. Email is mandatory because it:

– Is used for integration.

 – Is as an excellent channel to make sales and promote businesses.

 – Provides added security.

For ManyChat, all of it is just a click away. You have already seen it on their welcome page. We know that popups are annoying, but when it comes to sales and marketing, it works. But we are guessing that you already know that as a business owner or a good marketer. Easier tracking of user acquisition and setup is what made this app a good building tool.

It is optimized for online businesses and online marketeer. But despite all its useful features, it also has a lot of limitations. If you want to handle more complex integrations and conversations, the app will not be enough for you. But it is an excellent tool to give you a better feel of how chatbot works, while you figure out all the features that you need for your business. It is free and fast to set up. But enough with the small talks. And let’s discuss the benefit of using the application. We are not just talking about how to get a ManyChat coupon here, we are talking about the ins and outs of this application, the benefit of using it, and why it is good for business owners and marketers.

Setting up an account

Setting up an account is one of the easiest things we have seen since we started covering chatbots. Just a simple button click and your page are already connected to their system. When you have finished installing the tool, you will be redirected to ManyChat, and you need to choose which page or site you want to connect to the bot. After setting up, you can now build your welcome message on your first sequence.


As we mentioned before, ManyChat has some limitations. If you are using chatbots for newsletter services or primary purposes, you have enough tools or software to use.


Setting up a message is very easy when you know what tools you need to use. There are also different options you can use like:

Text – This does not require an extra introduction, it is like basic SMS messages that you receive from your friends and family. You can also put additional buttons (up to 3) with extra messages, phone numbers, and links.

Image – You can send GIFs or images with chatbots.

Card – It is a combination of text and image.

Gallery – This is an advanced alternative of the Card. You can add cards next to each other so users can scroll through the options vertically.

List – There’s a big chance that you have never seen this before. Just like the gallery, you will have an option to choose different options. But they are listed below each other, that is why it is better to scroll, but doing this will give you less space for your images and text.

Audio – With this tool, you can also send voice messages. You will also have an option to attach audio files as well.

Video – Your customers and users can watch your video inside the Messenger directly. You can also drop videos using this option up to 25MB.

File – This option can be perfect if your lead magnet uses PDF or something that is not supported by the Messenger.

Delay – When using this option, you can delay the delivery of your messages. It also has an option that will let you see whether the people on the other end is typing or not.

These are some of the options every time you make a message. You can stack them, for example, an image followed by a voice or text message.

What does lead magnet means? Visit for more information.

How can the users trigger the messages?

Messages can appear as:

Welcome messages – The users can click on the “Get started.” It is a little shoot-out on how many marketers and business owners like that they also include an unsubscribe option at the start; not all builders do that.

Opt-in message – User can use Growth Tools to join your Messenger.

Keyword-triggered messages – User can type messages that you have defined.

Default reply – Users can type messages that are not defined as trigger words.

Broadcast messages – The users can approve you to send them messages.

Auto-posting – You can post your contents from other channels like YouTube or Facebook automatically.

Sequences – Based on the setup you made, you can send messages to the users automatically.

Growth tools – This is a marketer’s dream come true. It provides you with opportunities to capture a lot of leads and put them in your messenger sequence. The application is the best here. After users click on one of the Growth tools, …

Useful Tips When Making an Effective Logo Design

Designing a good logo is very easy. Wrong. There is more to crafting an effective brand visual identity than placing your brand name in a circle and calling it a day. Designing logos are very in demand, and it is for good reasons. Logos are often a company’s first line of defense, one that will have a significant impact on customer’s brand perception, overall attitude, and purchase decision making towards the product.

We live in a world where society sees the brand logo as the most crucial factor in marketing and promotions. Even toddlers who can talk or walk yet can recognize product logos or can deduce what the logo stands for just by looking at the brandmark.

For those who want to embark on a design journey or still thinking about how to make an effective brand logo for their company, we searched for a great logo design article, and asked professional design experts for tips on creating a useful and great brand or company logo. Here they are:

Be witty, smart, and unique

A brand logo helps distinguish a brand from other competing brands, so it is imperative that the image you make or choose stands out from the rest of your competitors. Something a lot of companies failed to realize. In such cases, imitating other designs is you your best bet.

But this is a bad idea. What is essential is to create a logo that you believe is different from your competitor and different from what is already out there. It is highly unlikely that what you made will be original (most designers say this is impossible), but that should not be your primary goal.

Once something is posted online, there is no way to guarantee that it will not be used by other people, in any shape or form, another platform or forum. Designers who are not sure of the uniqueness and originality of the logo they designed can check for plagiarism in sites like Logo Thief.

Creating an original and unique design is not all about evading imitations, but also about creating something that is out-of-the-box and unique. It is very tempting to throw in the towel and put up an industrial design that was half-heartedly made, but it is essential to create something unique and creative.

Just take for example famous brand logos like the Mercedes, Virgin Atlantic, or the Apple logos. They are not just a logo of a car, an airplane, or a computer. They are more than that.

What does product branding means? Click here to know more.

Understand your brand

Logo designs are images, but it is also your brand’s first line of defense, your introduction to your company and your brand. The logo must reach specific audiences. When you are designing, you need to keep in mind that you are now basically promoting your product or services.

Make a list of things you think about your brand, perhaps make a mood board with images that will remind you of your company and your brand’s vision and ideology. If it can give you inspiration, you can look at other pages including your competitor’s website.

But you need to make sure that you look for inspiration only for aesthetic purposes, nothing more, and nothing less. Don’t check other sites to search for deeper meaning. Researching other brands can be very helpful, but logo designers need to be very careful not to take inspirations from different designs, literally.

Any design work should be unique or original and should reflect your client’s unique product attributes. Is your client’s brand, utility-driven, or do they focus on stimulating emotions? Is it quirky or contemporary? What is your target market’s priority and what does your client’s product or services aspire to be? Although it is beneficial to stay up to date on what is trending when it comes to brand designs. It is very vital to stay true to the brand’s personality.

Color is important

When you are taking the brand’s personality into account, you need to think about all the aspects of the image. Bold and bright colors can grab anyone’s attention, but you also make sure that they don’t look brash. Muted tones emanate sophistication, but can also be overlooked. If you want to know what muted tone or earth color means, you can visit

Every color has different consequences and can bring “shade” to your message. DO not fall into the trap of delivering the wrong message because of a simple stroke of the brush.

What is in a name?

According to most designers, a logo is made of two elements: symbol and wordmark. Before a client or a company can think of representing their brand with a symbol, a lot of advertising must be done. Whether the brand can use a Logotype still depends on what kind of name the brand has.

If your brand has a unique name, you could get away with it. But if your brand has a common name, then you are going to need something to make your brand stand out over the competitors.

Keeping Your Printers Ready At All Times

You may have a business that provides copies to people on a daily basis, and one or more of your copiers may not be presently working. If this is you, there is no need to worry. There are a bunch of ways to keep your printers in good health at all times.

Be Sure To Have Insurance

The first way to make sure your printers are always up and running is to have insurance on each machine. Regardless of the situation, the insurance company will pay one of their mechanics to come out and fix the problem. Today, having insurance on printing machines is more important than ever because the prices of these machines are at an all-time high.

See How Other Businesses Are Coping With Their Printers

You should also visit other businesses that use printing machines on a daily basis. Find out how these individuals handled situations in the past when their machines were not working. Each business owner will have handled their situation differently, so you should visit at least 10 different businesses.

There Are Many Private Businesses That Deal With These Issues

You can also turn to private businesses that deal with printer and copier issues. You will be able to find these companies online, on billboards, and through family and friends. The company you think of choosing should have a long history of properly fixing printers and copiers, and they should have decent prices, too. A good example of a company that meets this standard is Gem Laser. This company provides printer service and repair in a premium fashion. For starters, this company has customers in various states and cities. This company also handled all major and non-major name brands. Gem Laser also uses the best technology on the market on every job.

Printers and copiers need to be fixed whenever they seem to have a problem. Not fixing them will make the issues only worse until the machines no longer work at all, and this will ultimately affect your sales.…

6 Accurate Strategies in Doing Digital Marketing Business on Social Media

Digital marketing agency that implements the Digital Agency Gold Coast strategy is the right strategy in conducting digital marketing business on social media in today’s sophisticated digital era. Many businesses are developing because of the availability of supporting technology. Marketing techniques are again the current trend of marketing done through social media. The internet has become one of the important things in this type, especially in digital marketing, especially through social media.Social media is one of the most effective tools or media for promotion.

In this process, businesses always associate social media as one of the most effective tools or media for promotion. Imagine if a business without support from the internet, social media marketing or marketing or moving cannot run effectively and perfectly.

Social media marketing is very important for business development, especially in business in today’s digital era, because in addition to ease of use, the business costs of doing business on social media are quite cheap. In the technological boom and social media marketing strategies appear to tell us and need to pay attention. The following are accurate marketing strategies and need to be controlled by employers to assist in product marketing.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing, is currently the main focus of many brands, given the important role and way of working in relation to social media, multimedia, search and mobile. Many companies still do not understand the importance of trends and how the basis of content marketing is almost all digital marketing.

2. Mobile Marketing

Increased smartphone and tablet users also make marketing and content messages for mobile platforms a necessity. Such a small device, many consumers who see, read content, receive e-mail, even buy products. Therefore, companies are required to immediately redesign websites and blogs to work responsively with mobile devices.

3. Digital Integrated Marketing

social media and content have a very important role in the search results. Google has created Google + one false distribution for various reasons is to capture social signals. For this reason, make sure that each approach provides the possibility to tie all of them (consumers) together to achieve maximum effectiveness.

4. Continuous Marketing

A marketing must realize a strong marketing strategy that lives and is called Continuous marketing. But this does not mean you cannot market their products offline. In fact, everything that can be found online through social media such as twitter flow on Google search, as well as the constant need for SEO, content creation, publishing, and also marketing.

5. Personalized Marketing

The marketing approach that occurs in traditional media such as magazines and television becomes less effective due to media saturation. We can see the existence of personalized marketing in e-commerce, e-mail and websites that adapt to interface users for the sake of advertising and consumer interests. When you open an e-commerce website, the web will capture your habits such as reading data, presenting information systems and relevant intelligence is applied. All this is aided by technology by using “big data” technology so that it can increase marketing effectiveness.

6. Visual Marketing through social media

When I first saw the visual scene from our marketing through YouTube, it appeared several years ago. Since then, visual marketing has remained as a newer Instagram, Pinterest, and also SlideShare. In recent years, existing visual marketing has been at a new level. You must be able to take advantage of this marketing trend as a way to increase online marketing involvement.…

Four Simple Things You Can Do to Instill Your Child’s Excellent Work Ethic

As a parent, you’re responsible for teaching your child good life lessons that will carry them throughout their future. One of those life lessons is an excellent work ethic, as your kiddo will one day have a job and financial responsibilities of their own. Where do you begin? Here are four simple things you can do to teach your child about a good work ethic.

Tell Them They CAN Do Anything—But Within Reason and They Have to Work Hard for Everything

The truth is—people CAN do anything…within reason. If your kiddo wants to be an astronaut, they have to work really, really hard to accomplish that goal. The same goes for anything in life. You have to work hard for everything you want to achieve, and your child should know that. So, yes, when they ask if they can be or do anything in the world, let them know that they can but it takes determination and dedication.

Be a Role Model

Kids are little sponges to everything they see and hear, so make sure you set a positive example for them to follow. Teach them through your actions that responsibilities come first. Be a good role model for how they should positively handle their own obligations and responsibilities when they reach adulthood.

Do Things That Make a Positive Impact as a Family

What makes a positive impact in the world? Volunteer work, for one. Compassion. Respect. Being helpful. All of these are things you can do and teach as a family to instill an excellent work ethic in your child. Show your kids, through volunteering and being helpful in your community, that compassion and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

Teach Responsibilities and Consequences Through Rewards Systems

Kids learn best through examples. Use markers, stickers, and magnets to keep track of everyday, or weekly, chores, then establish a system of rewards as incentive for your kids to do well with their responsibilities. If you want to add an extra-special element, snag a custom sticker making kit to create a rewards system that actually displays the goal in sticker form. As for consequences, establish those too. For example, not doing chores for two days in a row could mean no video games or electronics for the weekend.…

The Importance of Web Marketing for Companies

Nowadays, for a company it is important how essential it is to have a presence on the web and the more this presence is strong, the more its brand identity comes out strengthened, with all the benefits that flow from it. To reach this goal, a single website or a Facebook page is not enough, it takes much more. In order for your brand, your product or your service to be known and recognized in the world of the network, this website must be supported by an effective web marketing campaign.

Web marketing is a part of the corporate marketing activities that exploits the web channel to study the market and develop commercial relationships on the network. In this field, we are in charge of identifying the most appropriate ways to increase the popularity of a website, a service or a product and consequently the corporate image.

Companies, rightly, pay close attention to investments in marketing, knowing very well the basic importance. However, they do not take into account the enormous opportunities offered today by the network. The web has become the most powerful tool available, if used with the right precautions. Not investing in strategic planning in this sense is a mistake made by many companies. The company that does not invest in a web marketing plan makes a big mistake

Thanks to web marketing; it is possible for a company to create brand awareness in its reference market. It is also possible to influence purchasing behavior, acting directly on the client or on intermediaries. All this is possible only if the advantages and tools offered by the network are fully exploited:


Everything in the network is measurable. Thanks to measurement tools such as Google analytics, to give you an example, you can know exactly every aspect useful for setting up a campaign, without smudging.

How many users visit their website?

Where do they come from, or where did they find the link to access the site? This can be an advertisement, a comment on a blog, a post on a social network, all activities planned by a web marketing strategy; who connects to the site, what does it do? Goes out? Buy? Do you contact me? And if you leave the site, how long have you visited it? And from which page did you leave it?


The network is information. Users who access the internet do, for the most part, to search for information and who better than you can talk about your service or product? On average a day, 60 million users in US access the internet and surf for around 1.5 hours, visiting 142 pages per person. This is a very large market and setting up your site with good web design services is recommended.

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