6 Fundamentals Of High End Web Design

Did you know there were just over 360 million internet users in December 2000, which jumped to 1.9 billion by 2010? The Internet World Stats confirms this fact and also reports growth of 444.8% in internet users over 2000-2010. This surge in online traffic over the past ten years highlights the importance of an online business presence. A well-designed website is a prerequisite for a strong online presence. As more visitors are drawn to your website and attracted by it, your brand recognition and customer loyalty will rise. When it comes to high end web design for popularizing your business, you should keep in mind the essentials of a successful website.

Fundamentals of High End Web Design

High end web design can impact the success of your site. The fundamentals of a good design are:

* Simple design: Graphics should be simple and well organized. Pages should not look cluttered and overdesigned. Text color, background color and font selection should be consistent throughout all the pages.

* Easy navigation: If navigation is not effective and tabs are not appropriately designed, visitors will not get confused and navigate away from the site. Navigation should be consistent and allow users to easily switch between different pages of your website.

* Interactive: Adding videos, virtual tours, flash animation, chat functions and games to the website can get visitors to spend more time on your website.

* Good contrast: There should be good contrast between the background and the text. This will enhance readability.

* Contact page: Providing a page for accessing your contact information is very important. A contact page mentioning address, phone number and email id brings your company closer to users and also adds to the credibility of your website.

* Feedback section: It is a good idea to allow people to provide feedback and share their opinion with you. A feedback section is a good place to understand your customers and their preferences.

* FAQ section: If you expect a lot of queries from your customers regarding your products or business processes, an FAQ section can be helpful. This section provides answers to the most common questions, which can lead to time saving for you as well as users.