Last year alone, close to $100 million was spent on SEO by companies that wanted to improve their branding, increase their online traffic, and widen their social reach. SEO is now a huge industry and one that only looks like it will be bigger due to the power that the internet can have for the growth and marketing of any business.

For those of you that employ SEO services or adopt a more hands-on approach when it comes to your SEO, you might want to consider just how important some tools are. The obvious tools are the likes of MOZ Pro, SemRush, Ahrefs, Majestic which are pivotal but there are others on the sidelines that can have great benefits too.

One such tool is a VPN. So how can a VPN benefit your SEO?

Great for Local SEO

When you want to check local SEO rankings, there is no better tool than a VPN. As you know, Google rankings will differ depending on your location. So if you are based in the US and you wanted to see how your online business ranks in the UK, you will not be able to do so unless you can fool Google into thinking you are searching via the UK. A VPN can do just that.

Better Privacy

Do you really want to keep buying backlinks for your website using the same IP address? If Google were to cotton on, they would quickly know that you are not earning these links naturally. Also, by using a VPN gratis, you will be able to visit your competitor’s websites to do ‘research’ without them recognising your IP address.

Get Around Captchas

If you regularly use search queres in Google when trying to find new keywords to use or to see how your own keywords are currently performing, you will know just how frustrating it can be when Google starts assuming that you are some kind of bot.

The search engine will claim to have detected some unusual traffic from your computer and will ask you to prove that you are human by filling in a captcha. This starts to grate after a while. By using a VPN you can simply swap to another IP address somewhere else in the world.

Great for Travelling SEO’s

Being a digital nomad is an actual thing – people that work freelance in industries such as SEO while they travel the world. Some prefer to live in countries such as Thailand where the cost of living and of course, the climate is so much better.

For these people, VPN Italia gratis is more than just a handy tool and in most cases are a necessity. Geo-restrictions, being able to used software shared with colleagues, and the aforementioned fooling Google when it comes to their location.

Summing Up

A VPN might not be the most important tool for SEO but it is definitely one that is on the must-have list for anyone doing SEO. They are cheap, easy to use, and very important for numerous SEO tasks.