Useful Tips When Making an Effective Logo Design

Designing a good logo is very easy. Wrong. There is more to crafting an effective brand visual identity than placing your brand name in a circle and calling it a day. Designing logos are very in demand, and it is for good reasons. Logos are often a company’s first line of defense, one that will have a significant impact on customer’s brand perception, overall attitude, and purchase decision making towards the product.

We live in a world where society sees the brand logo as the most crucial factor in marketing and promotions. Even toddlers who can talk or walk yet can recognize product logos or can deduce what the logo stands for just by looking at the brandmark.

For those who want to embark on a design journey or still thinking about how to make an effective brand logo for their company, we searched for a great logo design article, and asked professional design experts for tips on creating a useful and great brand or company logo. Here they are:

Be witty, smart, and unique

A brand logo helps distinguish a brand from other competing brands, so it is imperative that the image you make or choose stands out from the rest of your competitors. Something a lot of companies failed to realize. In such cases, imitating other designs is you your best bet.

But this is a bad idea. What is essential is to create a logo that you believe is different from your competitor and different from what is already out there. It is highly unlikely that what you made will be original (most designers say this is impossible), but that should not be your primary goal.

Once something is posted online, there is no way to guarantee that it will not be used by other people, in any shape or form, another platform or forum. Designers who are not sure of the uniqueness and originality of the logo they designed can check for plagiarism in sites like Logo Thief.

Creating an original and unique design is not all about evading imitations, but also about creating something that is out-of-the-box and unique. It is very tempting to throw in the towel and put up an industrial design that was half-heartedly made, but it is essential to create something unique and creative.

Just take for example famous brand logos like the Mercedes, Virgin Atlantic, or the Apple logos. They are not just a logo of a car, an airplane, or a computer. They are more than that.

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Understand your brand

Logo designs are images, but it is also your brand’s first line of defense, your introduction to your company and your brand. The logo must reach specific audiences. When you are designing, you need to keep in mind that you are now basically promoting your product or services.

Make a list of things you think about your brand, perhaps make a mood board with images that will remind you of your company and your brand’s vision and ideology. If it can give you inspiration, you can look at other pages including your competitor’s website.

But you need to make sure that you look for inspiration only for aesthetic purposes, nothing more, and nothing less. Don’t check other sites to search for deeper meaning. Researching other brands can be very helpful, but logo designers need to be very careful not to take inspirations from different designs, literally.

Any design work should be unique or original and should reflect your client’s unique product attributes. Is your client’s brand, utility-driven, or do they focus on stimulating emotions? Is it quirky or contemporary? What is your target market’s priority and what does your client’s product or services aspire to be? Although it is beneficial to stay up to date on what is trending when it comes to brand designs. It is very vital to stay true to the brand’s personality.

Color is important

When you are taking the brand’s personality into account, you need to think about all the aspects of the image. Bold and bright colors can grab anyone’s attention, but you also make sure that they don’t look brash. Muted tones emanate sophistication, but can also be overlooked. If you want to know what muted tone or earth color means, you can visit

Every color has different consequences and can bring “shade” to your message. DO not fall into the trap of delivering the wrong message because of a simple stroke of the brush.

What is in a name?

According to most designers, a logo is made of two elements: symbol and wordmark. Before a client or a company can think of representing their brand with a symbol, a lot of advertising must be done. Whether the brand can use a Logotype still depends on what kind of name the brand has.

If your brand has a unique name, you could get away with it. But if your brand has a common name, then you are going to need something to make your brand stand out over the competitors.

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