WordPress Store Theme Review – Build an E-Commerce Website With WP

WordPress Store Theme Review – Build an E-Commerce Website With WP

E-Commerce is quickly developing as a popular venue of business all across the globe. It permits your customers to shop when and where it is most convenient for themselves, and it also lets you, as a business, reach out to an even broader array of potential customers than you’re normally able to reach.

Templatic has come up with an e-Commerce theme to help users transform their WordPress website into aesthetically appealing, user friendly stores. The theme comes with customizable menus, guides and tutorials, and five color schemes to fit your needs as a seller and your clients’ needs a buyers.

The front end of your web shop can include an array of photographs and close-ups of the products which you are selling, as well as a blog, an easy checkout page, and a section for members to log in. You can edit your posts and update your products, manage payments, shipping, coupons, and theme options easily at the back end of your store. You can even choose among multiple cart options to present to customers. You will be able to pick the classic shopping cart that is usually in place for tangible products, a digital store for items like digital services and e-books or a catalog mode meant for the sole reason of exhibiting merchandise without selling it online. You can also choose form different methods of accepting payment, including bank transfers and Paypal.

It will cost $65 to launch the e-Commerce theme for one WordPress site, for an unlimited amount of time. $99.00 is the price for the multi-site lifetime license. And you can buy a yearly subscription to the Premium Theme Club Full Access if you run a number of types of websites. This subscription initially costs $279 for one year, but drops to $179 for every year after the first, and allows subscribers to utilize any theme they’d like on any website they choose.

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