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Basic Information on Adobe Spark

It is no longer new that social media conveys today. Communication may take place personally but as of today, we do communicate in different forms like pinning, liking, tweeting, and commenting to other people and that is why there were makers of programs that will help in producing quality images, websites, and videos. To answer the needs of the people, Adobe decided to produce a mobile application and at the same time a web platform which is the Adobe Spark.

The main goal of Spark is to produce visual stories for any device even if it has no previous design, videos, or web development experience. As an Adobe professional or beginner, you can benefit from it a lot.

It was tested to check if the program delivers the exact features from the GraphicStock. The creativity of producing of the programs are given some proofs.

Adobe Spark application has three programs mainly the Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Videos. Actually these programs already existed in the Adobe world in another form which were Adobe post, Slate, and Voice, they just made a makeover in relation with its features and made it possible to be grouped without downloading anymore because it is already on the web. Another way is that it can be downloaded directly to you mobile device without any payments.

The simplest to use is the Spark Post. Selecting Add Post from Projects will help you in reading the text. If you want to pin some backgrounds for your text then it will provide some featuring backgrounds.

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Although it is not easy to build web pages, then there is another way for you to do it by using the Spark Page. You can choose also different designer themes for your webpage that will be featured creatively with your title and subtitle.

If you want to create a video slideshow with complete narration and sound then the Spark Video program will be of a big help. The program will help you in visual storytelling. Photos that will be possible part of your video presentation should also have the corresponding narrative or composition attach to it. Although the Video is the most advanced program in Adobe Spark, still it is limited of use. If you have plenty of ideas then the Spark Video will bring help to you. It will still ask you about your title and templates will be provided. It will be one way of inspiring the audience. If you are planning to share some memories to other people then this is another way of producing such video. The possible template that you want to apply in your video can easily be chosen from the panel on the right side.