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Understanding why Some Writing Rules Need to be Broken

When it comes to language and literature, one thing that teachers have in common is that writing rules should be followed throughout from start to finish. So in a sense, it is important that these teachers see these as the Holy Grail in the world of language and literature.

Basically speaking, there really is no other reason behind why these things should be followed but because of the fact that this is what assures that creative writing is done accordingly. Having to follow such guidelines will then assure that you will be able to come up with a writing that is according to the right specifics and guidelines.

So in order for you to be well aware about when and when not to implement or follow such rules, then the following aspects that we will be talking about should help you understand. Looking into the very specifics below will help you understanding why it is appropriate not to follow such rules.

While it is true that it is needed to follow all of these things, still, there are instances where it is best not to follow them as long as the return is to boost the overall purpose and goal of the article. Remember that it is better for one to make sure that the content is all about showing the audiences and not just telling them, even if it means that ignoring such rules will be needed.

It is a given that readers should tap into the audiences instead of just telling them everything about it but there are instances where this will result to being useless in general. However, with adequate balance throughout the content, chances are that you will see its overall effectiveness to kick in will be justified.

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Another rule that you should follow is that you should opt to refrain from using a passive voice. If you are going to look into its use, it really is appropriate and needed for creative writing but ignoring the use of which will definitely be appropriate in some cases, just as long as you are to do it for the sake of making it clear for the audiences who did it and why. Overall, not using a passive voice will be ideal and needed just as long as the situation finds it appropriate.

People write because of a number of reasons and regardless the reason behind, it is important that one will write as per what they know about and limit it from there.