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Steps Undertaken When Planning for a Baby Shower

One way of celebrating your pregnant best friend is through planning a baby shower for them. The best baby showers have hosts who took their time to come up with the most creative plans. It is common for friends and relatives to arrange for a surprise baby shower for the expectant mother. Many people freak out when ask to plan for a baby shower. The following are steps aimed to help first-timers plan real baby showers.

You should start by establishing the theme for the baby shower. The good thing about this step is the diversity of them available to use in a baby shower. The decision on baby shower theme can be based on the personality and hobbies of the expectant mother. An examples is the jungle theme baby shower.

The next step making of the guest list and drafting the invitation notes. This may involve consultation with the expectant mother to find out persons she would like to attend the party. Then you will proceed to write a simple invitation notes giving the details of the event. Such as the theme of the event, venue, date and time.

Estimation of expenses and sourcing of money for the baby shower is next item on the checklist. The objective is to have a breakdown of all items need for the baby shower and the respective quantities and price. This may require a meeting with other party planners to avoid either overestimating or underestimating guests by a huge margin. This can be done with follow-ups where the invitations notes required the guests to confirm that they will be coming, for example by sending a text message.

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Buying of foodstuff is the next stage of planning the party. Party planners should buy foodstuff some days before the set a date for baby shower to avoid running to the supermarket on the day of the event and only items they should not buy ahead of the date are things know to spoil after just a few days of storage. Excellent baby shower planners can be known for having the venue well decorated promptly.

First-time baby shower hosts think that the event checklist final item is bidding the guest farewell after having a successful event. Good planners know the need to stick around after the last guest goes home, they will help in removing of decorations, cleaning of dishes and writing of thank you notes. Guest wants to feel appreciated for sparing their time and buying gifts, this is achieved by sending thanks, notes to all persons who were present during the baby shower.

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