The Most Important Elements of Web Design

The Most Important Elements of Web Design

Web design involves various basic principles and elements which need to be tackled in the right way for getting desirable results. These elements show how to put together a website that is attractive, efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing. Designing a website is not about slapping a few HTML tags and a few graphics together. It involves detailed research to bring together useful and pleasing design.


Balance in web design refers to equally distribute light and heavy elements on a single page. Concentrating on the page layout and creating a visual balance will achieve great results. A symmetrical look can be achieved when you place all your elements evenly on the page. Heavy elements on the left may be matched by placing one on the right side of the page. However, if not done right it may look boring or very flat. Asymmetrical may be a little challenging but the right look can be achieved by varying color, image positioning, size and texture. A discordant site will suggest motion and action but these can be a little uncomfortable for visitors.


Contrast involves contrasting textures, sizes and shapes. You can change font family, weight and size to create textural contrast. The sizes of other elements and images can also be changed. However, the contrasting colors must not be too loud. Instead, focus on effectively contrasting the links in the content to draw attention of the readers and to get the most beneficial results.


Emphasis in web design refers to creating main points where the visitors would be drawn to. Having everything stand out on a page will simply make the page lose its emphasis. Instead, create visual hierarchy in your design and only focus on emphasizing the right elements. You can use contrasting colors, change in font size or image size in order to create emphasis.

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Repetition or rhythm will bring in consistency in the design. Most design elements can be repeated for creation of pleasing consistency. Headline can be repeated, image can be repeated a few times through the page, repetitive elements may be used in the background for design consistency.

A good design company should know and understand all of these elements well. If you are planning to create your own websites, keeping each of these elements in mind will provide you efficient results. The resulting website will be attractive, effective and will look pleasing to your visitors. Lastly, the design should be able to unite all of the above mentioned elements in order to create a look of harmony instead of having elements that clash with each other. Keeping these points in mind while tackling a web design project will provide much better results rather than a haphazard design.