Make a Mobile App From a WordPress Site

Do you want to increase the rate of visitors for your WordPress website along with increasing its brand name?

One of the best ways to do this is to convert your site into an app which can be placed in reputed app stores like Apple’s App Store and Google Play etc. It will help your WordPress website to increase its brand name and the visitors will be able to view your site in various app compatible devices like iPhones, mobiles, smart phones, and iPods etc. To serve this purpose, WordPress provides their customers with many excellent plugins which can be used to make excellent app from your existing WordPress site. This article will briefly describe a few such excellent plugins provided by WordPress.

One of the best tools to convert your WordPress site to native iPhone app is the WiziApp plugin. With this tool, you can design your own app by providing suitable brand name, own tab menu etc. It is very easy to use and you can easily customize the settings for your iPhone app. It will enable you to reach to millions of iPhone users via the app. Moreover, this plugin is featured with many excellent features like push notification service, easy comment posting facility for your visitors, media player facility and many others.

UppSite is another plugin that will help you to build an excellent app of your WordPress website that will be fully compatible with any Android smart phone, iPhone and windows Phone 7. It is also featured with the Push notification service and easy commenting service. It supports many operating systems like android, iOS etc. It will enable your site visitors to share your site easily via Facebook, email as well as Twitter. There are many other excellent features in this app.

There is another excellent tool called Native Apps builder Plugin which can used to make an excellent app for your WordPress site. The app built by this plugin will be compatible with any Android smart phone, iPad and iPhone. You can easily place this app in any reputed app store which will also definitely help you to increase your brand name as well as increasing your audiences.

With these plugins your site can reach to millions of users around the globe. As the rate of iPhone, iPad and Android phones users are increasing; it is becoming an urgent need for your WordPress site to convert it to a suitable app.

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