Learn to Color Your Site for an Impressive WordPress Design

Learn to Color Your Site for an Impressive WordPress Design

Basically, the theme is used to give a website a sort of “skin”. However, in WordPress platform, designing a theme means having more control on the overall appearance of a website or weblog. Obviously, great-looking sites garner more visitors than websites that use standard or default colors only. Thus, it is very important to know how to utilize the color schemes in WordPress to create an enticing site. The color of the site has a great impact on the choice of the visitors whether to stay on your site or not.

In WordPress, there is a collection of files where you can choose to “skin” your website. The files work harmoniously together to produce an interface that could unify the design of a website. Otherwise known as template files, these stuffs modifies the display of the site without modifying the software. Themes like these may include custom pages, image files and customized templates. If you want to check and download free themes for your site using the platform of WP, you can visit their Theme Directory where you can find endless list of great theme designs.

If you are only beginning in using WordPress and you haven’t gotten your theme yet, you can use the available default themes. They have several options to choose from. With this, you can switch themes depending on your preferences and the necessary association to the products you market.

It is also possible if you want to add new themes. In fact, numerous sites are giving free downloads of theme which can work with your WP installation. Just always remember to read the installation instructions to ensure a successful update of your themes. WordPress always recommends theme authors to include instructions so that installation process would be sped up. In case your installation does not happen, you can contact the theme creator to help you fix the problems.

Selecting an active theme for your site is quite easy to do. First, log in to the WordPress’ Administration Panel. Second choose the Appearance panel and click Themes. Then you will find the available themes and after choosing the theme you want click the title of the theme of the screenshot. A preview of the theme you selected will immediately be shown. Finally, to activate the theme that you want to use, click the Activate plus the name of the theme shown which is located on the top right corner of the screen. And voila! You now have a theme for your website!