How A Recruiting Agency Helps Banks Find The Right Candidates

In Texas, banks and financial institutions approach staffing firms when they need to acquire new candidates. The staffing firms present them with the opportunity to acquire staff on a long-term or short-term basis based on their needs. The following is how a Recruiting agency helps banks find the right candidates.

Verifying Employment for Candidates

The first step is to verify the candidate’s employment. The recruiters contact each previous employer to verify employment and to assess the candidate’s work record. They contact all references provided by the candidate to determine if they provide positive assessments of the candidate. Through the verification process, the recruiter determines if the candidate possesses a steady work history without issues. They must assess typical risks associated with each candidate.

Background and Credit Assessment

The recruiters conduct a criminal background check for the candidates. The candidate cannot have any criminal history when working in the banking industry. Any felony convictions will disqualify the candidate immediately. Additionally, the candidates must possess a specific credit rating. If they don’t have credit in good standing, they cannot work in banking due to an increased risk. The candidate must sign release forms giving the agency the legal right to conduct the assessments.

Testing All Candidates

The candidates are tested to evaluate their skills. They must be proficient in software used by the bank. This may include spreadsheets, word processing, and other information systems. They must also present knowledge of balancing cash drawers if they are seeking positions as a teller.

Temporary and Permanent Placements

The employer submits a request for temporary or permanent placements. It is possible for the employer to acquire both. If they choose temporary workers, they acquire a contract in which they pay the worker a percentage of the full-time wage. If they acquire a full-time employee, they pay a fee for acquiring their candidate.

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In Texas, banks and financial institutions acquire new candidates through staffing firms. The staffing firms conduct the screening process for the banks and help them find the right candidates for vacancies. They also conduct background and credit assessments. Banks that need to acquire new candidates submit requests with an agency now.