Advantages of Using Custom Post Types

Advantages of Using Custom Post Types

What are Custom Post types?

Before we discuss the benefits of custom posts, we need understand what they actually mean. This is basically types of posts that can be defined as per the requirement of the theme of your website. In addition to pages and blog entries, businesses today prefer to integrate more complex features such as events, information on the key people of the company, and even product information. One would need a systematic tool to ensure organization of this information and this can be done through customization of post types.

There are a number of benefits that custom post types on WordPress pose to site owners. WordPress Customization allows you to integrate unique features into your pages to make sure you can optimize the features for internet success –

1. The advent of custom posting features has made possible for administrators to no longer be dependent on functionality features such as tags and nested pages to provide basic features such as separation of pages. These weren’t always effective and were very difficult to implement for even simple websites.

2. This tool allows you to display your content in a custom manner thus ensuring that the viewers are guided to the information by laying significant impetus on the data.

3. It allows you to present your data the way you want to. You can hide data and choose to present to the audience only when required. This is especially useful when you wish to segregate your default queries from specialized queries thus organizing your information and choosing what information will be public and what information will be specialized.

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4. WordPress Customization helps make the portal a lot more user-friendly for administrators who are not very technologically sound. Managing podcast and blog posting becomes a lot easier, and also improves productivity and efficiency.

5. Custom posting allows administrators to enhance website security by eliminating the need to integrate all third-party plug-ins which are likely to make your portal a lot more vulnerable.

6. Custom post types helps enhance productivity by offering simple user-friendly features which are more likely to be use than additional fields which are commonly ignored while making a post. Features such as adding music, videos etc to a post are less likely to be used, thus WordPress customization allows you to select the type of post before you start your post thus allowing your manage the updating of your content a lot more efficient.

Customization of WordPress posts is extremely easy to learn and can be implemented without any trouble by even a lay person. With these features you can now get innovative with the pages by adding features such as displaying custom post types in loop mode, incorporation ad display of Meta fields, and even customize the position of the menu to enhance functionality and simplify navigation.

Even though one may consider WordPress customization to a blog site, its functionality allow you to do wonderful things to the portal allowing you to create an experience for your viewer which is no different from a full-fledged dynamic websites.